Development of control system middleware for operators functioning CSMW [ edit ] CSMW introduction became the standard for digitalization all over the world: without such device using all benefits of the switchover from analogue to digital broadcasting standard would be impossible. More information about CSMW: see also. Participation as system integrator in digital broadcasting projects[ edit ] Switchover to digital format in Russian Federation[ edit ] According to the National Program for Switchover to Digital Broadcasting Format, Russian television will be switched to the digital broadcasting by According to expert estimation, around 50 million households and organizations in Russia shall have been supplied with set-top-boxes or new TV sets by Presently, Corporation facilities are able to produce up to 5 million set-top boxes annually with possibility to increase the capacity twice. Supports reception of Free-To-Air channels.

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Block Diagram ……………………………………………………. Technical Specifications ……………………………………………. Trouble Shooting…………………………………………………….. Supports DiSEqC1. Multi-language Fuction Menu, Audio? Last Channel Memory? Channels Memory for Multi-satellite? Digital Tuner with Loop-through? Teletext Supported by VBI? Dolby Digital Audio Optional? Software changeable by Menu Screen 3. Check the receiver according to the procedures shown below. If the receiver does not work properly after checking it, please contact the dealer.

It may cause a dangerous situation. Trouble shooting Symptom The display on front Panel does not light up. No picture or sound. No picture. Audio muting. TV power off. Incorrect values of some Tuner parameters. Wrong direction of the dish The remote controller Does not working. The batteries of the Remote controller are Not inserted of Exhausted.

Remedy Check that the power cord Is plugged into the wall outlet. Press the MUTE button. Turn TV on. Check the antenna cable. Replace the cable, or connect The cable to the receiver tightly. Set the values of tuner Parameters correctly in System set-up menu. Check the signal strength With a spectrum analyzer and Adjust your dish correctly. Check whether the batteries Are inserted correctly in your Remote controller.

Check the batteries, and if Exhausted, replace the Batteries of the remote Controller. Check Point 4. Apperance Exterior Test Check the condition of install, joining of connectors, break or bend of PCB, cold-soldering or short of components and problem of part ,etc. Power Test 5V Checking to L 3. Check STI Clock 4. Test for Flash Memory 4. Channel Test 4. I2C Control Signal 4. Common Interface Test 4. HDD Interface Test 4. Check STI Clock. If you have firm belief of damage for the device, then replace the device.

And if these signal are not acting like above figure, then check the soldering state of U, U and RA3xx. Before checking these signal you must check the power for U, U etc.

Check 3. And check the oscillator U is generating 27 Mhz clock. Then you can try to replace the STI Then you can try to replace the Audio DAC. Channel Test When you had finished checking the above net or device and all these are OK, Tuner maybe have problem. Replace the Tuner. And this is properly high then check the Q, U and Q respectively. DCC C??


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