A few useful tips You can change the difficulty level of the game at will. You do not need to complete the entire game at the difficulty level selected at the beginning of the campaign. You can even change the difficulty settings during battles if they prove too difficult. This is because some of the later main quests involve fights with difficult opponents. We recommend focusing on The Way of the Voice, one of the starting quests.

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A few useful tips You can change the difficulty level of the game at will. You do not need to complete the entire game at the difficulty level selected at the beginning of the campaign. You can even change the difficulty settings during battles if they prove too difficult. This is because some of the later main quests involve fights with difficult opponents. We recommend focusing on The Way of the Voice, one of the starting quests.

Saving frequently can save your skin. We are talking, in particular, about situations in which the hero will suddenly encounter enemies that are too strong. Saving the game will protect you from the consequences of bad decisions made during the quests. Get rid of unnecessary items on a regular basis.

Each item has its own weight - carrying too many items in the inventory will make your character overburdened. Join a companion to your team as soon as possible. Traveling with another character is helpful, e. The first companion - a warrior named Lydia - can be easily recruited by completing Dragon Rising main quest. It is very desirable to develop different skills.

Thanks to this, your character can level up faster. These additional skills can be useful in specific situations, for example, while performing quests related to the guilds. Repeating actions allows you to develop skills faster. In Skyrim, skills increase as you perform related actions.

You can "cheat" a little by, e. Every time someone sees you commit a crime, that character will try to tell the guards. This increases the fine you will have to pay once you get caught. Rely on stealth and pickpocketing skills and try to steal during the night.

Use the cart to visit the main cities. We recommend you to act this way in the first hours of the game. Also, when you visit a major city, you will be able to fast travel to it for free. The most valuable loot is usually stored in containers in the farthest rooms of any dungeon.

More detailed versions of these tips and tricks can be found on the Starting Tips page. All the issues discussed below have been described in more detail on separate pages of our guide. Can I romance the NPCs? How to get married? Your character can get married. After wearing the amulet during conversations with some NPCs, you will get a dialog option to propose a marriage.

Depending on the NPC, it may be necessary to fulfill additional conditions or desires. Can I get rid of the vampire and werewolf curse? You can stop being a vampire by visiting a mage named Falion in Morthal and start Rising at Dawn side quest. Is it possible to continue playing after completing the main storyline? This will allow you to continue exploring the world as well as completing all the side quests you have missed.

How to defeat the first dragon in the game? The first mandatory encounter with the dragon happens during Dragon Rising main quest when a dragon attacks Whiterun. Battle tactics depend on your style of play. If you are using magic, avoid fire spells. If you are using melee weapons, wait until the dragon lands and try to attack it from the side or behind.

How to defeat the final boss - Alduin? You can attack Alduin from a distance aim around its head or in direct fight attack it from the side or behind while your allies are distracting the dragon. Does the choice of gender affect the course of the game? Minor changes may concern, e. How to increase skills faster? You can, for example, intentionally block all enemy attacks or cast spells even when there is no one in sight.

There are also two special ways to improve your skills - you can acquire and read skill books or have paid trainings. How to use fast travel? The most obvious obstacle is that the location is closed.

You have to use your Lockpicking skills or get the key to that door. Several unique locations in the game e. Goldenglow Estate are unlocked only after starting the related quests. Is it possible to escape from prison?

Your hero can get in jail after breaking the law, getting caught by a guard and voluntarily surrendering. To break out of the prison, use Lockpicking on the cell doors. Then, you have to find the chest with your equipment and get to the exit you can sneak around or fight the guards.

List of all main quests The main quests are only a small part of the content offered by Skyrim. By doing them you not only learn more about the main storyline, but also visit important places and get unique treasures and Dragon Shouts. Below you will find a list of the main quests in Skyrim. The prologue is a brief introduction to the story, involving the use of a character editor. Unbound on separate pages of the guide, we described the collaboration with Hadvar or Ralof you can travel only with one of them.

Before the Storm - this quest has a different beginning, depending on your choice in the previous quests. In the end, the protagonist can meet either with Alvor or Gerdur. Bleak Falls Barrow is the first major dungeon explored during the main quest.

Dragon Rising in this task, the hero will face their first boss, the dragon attacking Whiterun. The Way of the Voice is the quest related to the first ascent to mount Hrothgar and unlocking of Dragon shouts. In The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller , the main character has to explore yet another dungeon to acquire the eponymous horn.

A Blade in the Dark in cooperation with Delphine, you need to visit the grave of a dragon and defeat the next beast. Diplomatic Immunity is a difficult quest requiring us to infiltrate an Embassy and find information about dragons.

A Cornered Rat requires the hero to find Esbern. A Chance Arrangement is an optional quest, which you may or may not be given. The Throat of the World has the hero visit the eponymous location and meet the dragon Paarthurnax. The Fallen is a mission whose objective is to capture the dragon Odahviing with the intention of interrogating the beast.

Paarthurnax is an additional quest that involves having to fight the eponymous dragon as an optional boss. Sovngard is a quest that precedes the final boss battle. During doing this quest, you will have to defeat a mini-boss - Nord god called Tsun.

Dragonslayer is the last main quest. The main character will face the final battle against the dragon Alduin. All categories of side quests in Skyrim Side quests in Skyrim are divided into several different categories.

We have listed all the types of side quests below. The Dark Brotherhood - They can be treated as a "guild of assassins". The vast majority of quests of this faction is about eliminating specific targets. They can also be small assassination orders. However, the Companions hide a secret - lycanthropy. In addition to learning about this secret you can also join the blood ritual to become a werewolf yourself.

College of Winterhold - This place serves as the location for the "mages guild". You visit Winterhold during the main storyline. You can decide for yourself whether you want to visit the mages early in the game and whether you want to join them and complete their side quests. Thieves Guild - Your hero will have to do a lot of stealth and theft here. In addition to the main quests, there are many small orders where you have to steal less valuable items. Civil War in Skyrim - This is the most unusual category of side quests, because you have to choose from the Imperial Legion or Stormcloaks.

This significantly changes the course of the quests. Also, depending on the selected faction you may have to, for example, protect or capture a city. Daedric quests - These are rather extensive side quests associated with the various Daedric deities.

Each of these quests gives you an opportunity to acquire a Daedric artifact. Getting them, however, can only be possible if the hero has made the right decisions during the quest. The Bards College - One of the minor factions.


How to Manually Install and Use "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" Mods

From the first time we tried virtual reality, we immediately dreamt about how our worlds would feel on this amazing technology. The scale feels real. And while Skyrim is a game so many of us know, it feels new again. Finding the perfect balance between player comfort and immersion was one of our biggest goals for Skyrim VR. Ways to Play We wanted to provide a few tips for those jumping into Skyrim VR on how you can make it customizable to your play style and comfort. The game includes both teleportation and direct movement options and various settings to cater to your comfort level.


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For the time being at least, now that Elder Scrolls 6 has been announced. Improved enemies? That as well. Do you want it to look better than real life?


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