The unhidden song of perfection Translated by P. It is more thanthric in nature and has been taught by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvathi. Devotees believe that just a recitation of Sidha Kunjika stotram is equivalent to recitation of the complete Chandi Devi Mahatmyam and also that the reading of Chandi Path Devi Mahatmya would not give complete results without reading Sidha Kunjika stotram before it. My humble sense of gratitude to Sri Akhay Dayal who brought this stotra to my notice. Shiva Uvacha:- 1.

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Wednesday, September 8, Tantra Darshan -Hidden secreat of Siddha kunjika Stotram Parad tantra and Durga saptsati Dear friends, before revealing the some of the secreat of this great stotram, I would like to share with you all ,a little mine experience, how I come to know this, Poojyapad sadgurudev blessing is always with us,this is nothing new ,we all experiences this time to time, sadgurudev many times told us about the importance of Durga saptsati this is One of the greatest Tantrik Granth available to us and off course in original form many of his scholarly article still is in Mantra tantra yantra Vigyan mag.

Never paid too much attention on that. But one ,who is depends upon Sadgurudev ,how long ,he can give permission to his children to trade on the path of ignorance ,little or big whatever the case may be. He told me about the certain great tantra mantra sadhak who still live in holy city of banaras Varanasi , he is still in youthful energy though crosses 90 years till now, I could not believe that he knew him in person, he told me many times to meet him, but this way or that way time passes by, one day he told me its just a four month has been passed he repeatdly insisting me to meet him , and still I could not understand the value of meeting him.

As I expressd above ,I have many of mine so called reservation that why should I seek this knowledge from others when Sadgurudev ji is here, he told me that Sadgurudev never ever stop us to gether this knowledge from others if they are real sadhak, Sadgurudev never tie us in rope but he frees us from so called self tied ropes around us. So one day I went to the holy city Varanasi, though I was very much nervous still I know from arif ji that he has his very high standard of judging the person, may be ,I would be asked to out within in some minutes.

So all the journey time I continuously praying Sadgurudev that this is mine first ever trip for such a cause so help me, even all the day when I was wondering various temple in the city before meeting him I prayed for success of mine journey. The great sadhak of tantra still having the youthful energy and smile , welcomed me ,though I was having, little bit problem forming mine sentences to him nervous to main tha hi.

That siddha kunjika stotram.. One day Arif ji and I discussing the important sootra what he has given me as a answer , when I told him about this stotra related things, arif ji said nothing just smiled,I thought he also agree with me. Through this ayeeing mantra without womb ,and child can be given birth. This process had been successfully demonstrated by sage valmiki on the birth of kush child of lord Ram in tretayuga. This beej induces divine body to parad and then that transform from parad to sadhak….

Oh parad I am worshipping you as a beeej and this also signifies that using parad as a beej we can make siddh soota, so the poverty of whole world can be removed, is this not the aim of alchemist? Chand is representing here demaon king.

Here ras stand for parad. Yes I agree. Parad agni shthai fire resistant process is depend upon it. In Himalaya ke yogin ki gupt shaktiyan book outherd by poojya Sadgurudev.

Mentioned a process where poojya Sadgurudev able to made a parad shivling though his breath only how this was possible.. Just like stabhnam. This is possible through only this mantra. So how the process should be done,the beej mantra indicating on that direction.. Everybody kept silence on this point , from word aa to gya hindi alphabet total 52 letter are there , which one has to be used for khechari gutika,nobody knows?

It would be luck of us if we pray to holy feet of sadgurudev for revealing such a secreat sadhana and its procedure. Our Guru trimurti definitely revels this divine secreat to us since they all are directly related to Siddhashram. We both smiled. Now I understand the meaning that reciting the stotra may serve the purpose but to understand the real hidden meaning and work accordingly is a key to success, not only in this field but other field too. So dear brother I did my best.


Siddha Kunjika Stotram – సిద్ధకుంజికాస్తోత్రం

Salutations to the killer of Shumba and the killer of Nishumbha, Oh Great goddess , please safely give me expertise of chanting this. Chamunda chanda gathi cha yaikari Varadhayini, Viche cha abhayadha nithyam namasthe Manthra roopini. Hoom , hoom, hoomkara roopinyai, Jam, jam, jam jambha nadhini, Breem, breem broom bhairavi , Bhadre bhavanyai they namo nama. Hoom , hoom, she who has the form of the sound hoom, Jam, jam, jam , she who has sound like thunderbolt, Breem, breem, broom , Goddess Bhairavi , Oh Goddess of the good, Oh Bhavani , salutations and salutations to you. Aam , kam, tam , pam , yam, sam , veem, dhoom , iym , veem ham, ksham , dhijagram, Dhijagram throtaya , Throtaya deeptham kuru kuru swaha, Aam , kam, tam , pam , yam, sam , veem, dhoom , iym , veem ham, the end of devotion, Tear apart the end of devotion , throw , throw light , swaha. Paam, peem, pum Parvathi , poorna, khaam , kheem, khoom, Khechari Thadha, Saam, seem, soom, sapthasathi devyaa manthra sidham kurushwa may. This is prayer of the Kunjika which is the reason for awakening, Oh Parvathi , keep this protected and kept secret from those who are not devotees.

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Siddha Kunjika Stotram



Siddha Kunjika Stotram/ सिद्ध कुंजिका स्त्रोत मंत्र को सिद्ध करने की सरल विधि !


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