Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest While a Kettlebell -only program can be effective for size and strength training, I think a superior option is to add heavy Kettlebell work with heavy barbell work. You just cannot get better than the barbell power exercises, especially the Barbell Squat and Barbell Deadlift. Why use Kettlebells at all for size and strength? In addition, Kettlebells are very comfortable for many power moves such as overhead pressing.

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In each appearance of 12 Reps, our coaches, writers, and occasional guests will be answering the same twelve questions each time. Go "into the locker-room" with them and get to know our coaches and writers a little bit better! Who was your first coach and what did he or she teach you? Pavel Tsatsouline and he taught me his RKC kettlebell training system. Who is the coach you most admire? Brooks Kubik, author of Dinosaur Training.

His book had a huge influence on how I approach training. I had the pleasure of teaching with him in the U. Great guy and excellent writer. If you could have a superhero power, what would it be? The ability to fly would be incredible. Would certainly make getting around a lot more fun. What athlete, dead or alive, would you most like to talk with?

Mike Tyson would be very interesting to talk to. He has had such a crazy life that and you could learn a lot from someone like him.

When did you know that coaching was your calling? When I was eighteen I caught the training bug. After that it became an obsession and it was inevitable that I would get in the business. What is the best and hardest part about being a coach? It is very rewarding helping people take charge of their fitness and how doing so often improves all areas of their lives.

The hardest part is trying to get people to realize that less is often more and the importance of restoration. What is your favorite physical activity or exercise? I love snowboarding and hiking.

With training, if I had to pick one exercise it would be the kettlebell clean and press. What is your favorite "cheat" food? Coconut ice cream. What is your biggest accomplishment? I am most proud of the money I raised from my Live Life Aggressively book that I have used to support two important causes: wounded soldiers and abandoned animals.

Many people also made some major life changes after reading the book and that is humbling to say the least. A holistic approach that covers strength training, mobility work, restoration, my live life aggressively philosophy, and the big one that differentiates me from other coaches is my focus on the importance of natural hormone optimization.

What is you favorite quote? Far and away MMA! I love the visceral intensity of the sport and how much of a chess game it is. The display of athleticism and mental toughness in MMA is mind blowing. Want more Mike Mahler? Well then, do four weeks of free workouts designed by him or read our two part interview. If you missed any editions of 12 Reps, be sure to check out our archives. You never know who we might talk to and what might get said!


Mike Mahler’s Kettlebell & Barbell Solution for Size & Strength

Lower body pull Core Whatever form of weight training you engage in, you want the five above areas covered. Many people tend to focus on what they enjoy and neglect what they do not care for. For example, people that like to press tend to spend a great deal of time on Military Presses and not enough time on pulling motions such as rows. When I first started training with kettlebells, I made the mistake of doing too much pressing work and pretty much no pulling work.


Mike Mahler's Kettlebell Buyer Guide

One regardless of weight the size of the actual kettlebell remains the same. This is very important for dialing in technique. If the size of the bell changes with each progression you have to waste time constantly re-learning form and making modifications. However, if you want to take your kettlebell training to the highest level possible you need every edge you can get.


5x5 Size And Strength Program for Kettlebell Training

It is also an extremely effective way to pack on size and strength. Here is how it works. Pick a training weight and do five sets of five reps. If and when you can complete all sets of five, increase the weight by five to ten pounds and shoot for five sets of five again.

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