Bohindra, Ada y Evana se unieron a la caravana que haca el viaje peridico desde el Irn al Eufrates; Vladiko y Mabi atravesaban con su escolta de arqueros las montaas Sagrn para encontrarse de nuevo en la ciudad de Asagg donde les esperaba su pueblo. Abel, acompaado de un buen nmero de Kobdas, se incorpor a la caravana que haca viajes al Pas de Manh Armenia hasta la costa del Ponto Euxino, donde un buque velero deba llevarles a la orilla opuesta del mar, a Escitia Teutonia y a los pases del Bltico donde innumerables tribus tenan repartido entre s aquellos vastos territorios. Los pases de Roxolana, de Aghafir, de Escordisca y de Getta eran los principales que formaban el vasto dominio que haba sido gobernado por Lugal Marada desde muchsimos aos atrs. Llevaba consigo a Erick, el hijo mayor del gran Jefe del Norte, y varios Kobdas originarios de aquellos pases y que estaban vinculados por lazos de sangre con casi todos los caudillos jefes de tribus. Habiendo tenido conocimiento tiempo atrs que en el pas de Roxolana era donde se hallaban cautivos los hijos de Etchebea, Abel llevaba consigo tambin a Kanc a los fines de que se encontrara con su padre, que en calidad de esclavo de un poderoso magnate desempeaba el cargo de guardin de sus inmensas majadas de renos.

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No sure; thou art a simpler Brother; fie! I must Allarum thee with Hue and Cry. What art? Just like I. If Arguments arise, you streight grow hoarse, Thou know st not what belongs to Topic Course. Though he was blinded, yet Experience can Sever the Clouds, and make a Clearer man. Thus Ambrose flung dark Persius on the ground, A blind Contempt! But thou poore, trapt Rattoon! Great, rare Eugenius! To these Questions she answered as the Custome of Truth is, very simply and plainly: Whereupon the Lady Lie commands her to wait upon her, and that in the Reare, and Tayle of all her Troop, for that was the known place of Truth.

Thanks then not to the stars, but to the Configurations of the Dice! Now some ignorant Nurse will think they doe all this, out of a desire to play with what they see, but they themselves tell us the Contrarie; For when they are past Infants, and begin to make use of Language, if any New thing appeares, they will not desire to play with it, but they will ask you, what it is? It is well known, that if you hold a candle neer to a little Child, hee will if you praevent him not put his finger into the flame, for hee desires to know what it is, that shines so bright; but there is some thing more than all this, for even these Infants desire to improve their Knowledge.

This in plain termes were to give me Eyes, and afterwards shutt mee up in Darkness, lest I should see with those eyes. This earnest Longing, and busie Inquisition wherein Men tyre themselves to attain to the Truth, made a certain Master of Truth speak in this fashion. Look about thee then, and consider how thou art compassed with infinite Treasures, and miracles, but thou art so blind, thou doest not see them: nay, thou art so mad, thou doest think there is no use to be made of them, for thou doest believe that Knowledge is a meere Peripateticall Chatt, and that the Fruits of it are not Works, but words.

Look up then to Heaven, and when thou seest the Coelestiall fires move in their swift and glorious Circles, think also there are here below some cold Natures, which they over-look, and about which they move incessantly to heat, and concoct them. I have in a few words discovered unto thee the whole system of Nature, and her Royal High-way of Generation.

When God saith he had filled his powerfull hands with those things which are in Nature, and in that which compasseth Nature, then shutting them close again, hee said; Receive from me O holy Earth! Hee did therefore hatch the Matter, and bring out the secret Essences, as a Chick is brought out of the shell, whence that other Position of the same Zoroaster, Omnia sub uno Igne genita esse. His qualities indeed are transcendent abroad, but they are peers at home: his Malice is equall to his Ignorance.

There is somthing in him prodigious: his Excrements run the wrong way, for his mouth stooles, and hee is so farr from man, that hee is the Aggravation to a Beast. As for Applause, I fish not so much in the Ayre, as to catch it. For the Rest, as I cannot force, so I will not beg their Approbation. I would not bee great by Imposts, nor rich by Briefes. They may be what they will, and I shall be what I am. Magic is nothing els but the Wisdom of the Creator revealed and planted in the Creature.

This makes me believe They were Filii Prophetarum, as well as Filii Artis; Men that were acquainted with the very same Mysteries, by which the Prophets acted before them. Give him but the Authoritie of his Fathers, and presently hee submits to the Seale. Such was the simplicitie of those first Times, dum calebat cruor Christi, whiles his wounds were as yet in their Eyes, and his bloud warm at their Hearts.

Bee not angrie O Peripatetic! If once wee be admitted to this Communion of Light, wee shall be able with the Apostle to give a Reason for our Faith, but never without it. God is not God a far off, but God at hand. Behold saith he I stand at the Doore, and knock: Open your selves then, for it is written, If any man opens, I will come in, and Sup with Him.

Secondly, that this Art should suffer as Religion doth, and for the very same Reason. But verily it was ill done: for if the shadow of Saint Peter healed, shall not these shadowes of Christ doe much more?

Hence in their Books there was frequent mention made of Verbum, and Sermo, which the Common Man interpreting to his own Fansie, invented his Charmes, and Vocabula, by which he promised to do wonders. Now if thou wilt question mee, who these Magicians were?

But as I confesse my self no Antiquarie, so I wish some Seldon would stand in this Breach, and make it up with those Fragments, which are so neer Dust, that Time may put them in his Glass. This Art, or rather this Mysterie is to bee considered severall wayes, and that because of its severall Subjects. From this Time of its Revelation, wee are to measure the Antiquity of it, where it shall be our Task to demonstrat upon what Motives God did reveale it, as also to whom, and when.

The Eye discovers not beyond that stage, wherein it is Conversant, but the Eare receives the Sound a great way off. Finally, I will passe out of Judaea into AEgypt and Graece, where againe I shall meet with these Mysteries, and prove that this Science did stream as the Chimists say, their Salt-Fountain doth out of Jurie, and watered the whole Earth.

Now Malcuth is the Invisible Archetypall Moone, by which our visible Caelestiall Moone is governed, and impraegnated: And truly it may be that upon this Retreate of the Divine Light from Infe riors, those Spots and Darknes, which we now see, succeeded in the Body of this Planet, and not in her alone, but about the Sun also, as it hath been discovered by the Telescope.

Thus say They God to punish the Sin of Adam withdrew himself from the Creatures, so that they were not feasted with the same measure of Influences as formerly. But because I would not dwell long on this point, let us heare the Cabalist himself state it in a clear, and apposit phrase. In the sweat of thy face shalt Thou eate Bread, untill thou returne unto the Ground, for out of it wast thou taken, for Dust Thou art, and to Dust shalt thou returne.

This is the Curse, and Adam was so sensible of it, that he acquainted his posterity with it. For Lamech prophesying of his Son Noah, hath these words. And this indeed was accomplished in some sense after the Floud, as the same Scripture tells us. To manifest the Nature of the Curse, and what it was, you must know, that Good essentially is Light, and Evill is Darknes. The Evill properly is a Corruption that immediatly takes place upon the Removall of that which is Good.

Because the Creature it self also, shall be delivered from the Bondage of Corruption, into the Glorious Liberty of the Children of God.



Para los buscadores sinceros de la Verdad. Hablo pues en esta portada con aquellos que pueden comprender y asimilar esta lectura. La llamaron Evana. Y llevados de este deseo resolvieron hacer todos juntos un viaje al continente y se embarcaron hacia la costa del Mar Grande. El reno, bien se sabe, es una especie propia de los climas polares. Estaba enteramente mullido de pieles de animales salvajes, de mantas de lana rudamente tejidas y de varias clases de ropas sencillas pero limpias y en perfecto uso.





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