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A certified device shall contain a device selfdocumentation string that specifies the selfdocumentation string structure and the functional profiles implemented by each functional block on the device as described in 2. It must be set if the usage ID value is defined by the primary functional profile for the device.

LonSupport is a trademark of Echelon Corporation. It is appplication permitted that modification of these user configuration data be necessary for the successful commissioning of the device. It can be used as a decimal reference, hexadecimal reference, or any other method of convenience.

Use of this field is optional, but if used must conform to the following guideline. Export of audit trail events from Salto software. The applications on different devices are not synchronized, and it is possible that multiple devices may all try to communicate at the same time.

The latter method is typically used for engineered systems, but the former method is sometimes used when a device interface file is not available.

In this approach, application data such as temperatures, pressures, states, and text strings can be sent to multiple devices each of which may have a different application for each type of data.

Mikael Rivarola Date of issue: A description of the intended device usage for network integrators. For compactness, underscores are typically not used and all characters are typically lowercase, except the first character of a word.

The model number within the SPID does not have to conform to the manufacturer s marketing or engineering model numbers. The relationship between the functional block and its members is shown in the following figure. The benefit of making this information available directly from the device itself is that a network tool can read all of the information needed to integrate and manage the device over the network, and no accompanying manufacturer documentation is required.

Upgrading to the Version 3. A device that supports dynamic vuidelines variables must implement the following: A single network variable may be interoperabjlity to multiple network variables of the same interoperabiliity but opposite direction.

However, devices that support dynamic network variables must also support the following additional application commands within the Install command: NN The manufacturer, classification, channel type, and optionally the usage fields contain standard values defined in the spiddata.

The syntax for the device self documentation string with arrays is as follows: Copyright by Echelon Corporation. Device self documentation string. A major benefit to end users of interoperable devices is the freedom to choose among suppliers for the devices as well as for the maintenance of those devices. These 6 fields are organized as follows, and are described in the following sections: A device may optionally implement a SCPTlocation configuration property see 2.

A certified device s application program that wishes to communicate its physical location or ID assignment to a network tool can write this information into the location ID field of its configuration aplication when the device is reset.

This speeds up the commissioning process by allowing a network tool to obtain the device interface definition without uploading the entire definition from every device. Most Related.



FBs Manufacturer defined guiddlines configuration properties are permitted because the configuration data for a given functional block is often implementation specific. Example of commands supported. The software described in this document is furnished under. Microsoft publishes Open Specifications More information. Each functional block must be defined by a functional profile as described in Chapter 3, Resource Files.


Is the Node Object required to meet the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines? (KB241)

JoJora A functional block may receive inputs from the network, from hardware attached to the device, or from other functional blocks on a device. After installing your device, locate. It must be set if the usage ID value is defined by the primary functional profile for the device. Please send your request for a device class to the certification address Usage Field The Usage field is a one byte value describing the intended usage of the device. Network Variable Point to Point Connection The direction indicated by the triangle in the above figure indicates the direction of the network variable. The Neuron ID is a unique number written to a Neuron Chip or Smart Transceiver when the chip is manufactured, or to other processors during development or manufacturing.





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