Share Blacksmithing is a Skill that allows you to forge new equipment for your character as well as use Repair Kits more efficiently. Weapons and Armor lose durability when used and eventually require repair. Repairing equipment at NPCs costs gold, and the price increases the worse condition the item is in. Repair Kits can be bought for under gold at various blacksmithies and used to fully repair an item no matter the condition, making them a much better investment.

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It begins in the fire. Go forth and seek the hottest of fuels. The most tremendous of coals will not suffice; no, you must build the forge around the fire itself. There is such a place deep within the plateaus of Menetyre.

It is the fire of Helios and Vraekor , thrown from the heavens. A piece of this fire lies deep underground, and there it burns eternally. Vlaskar, the bloomer and reckoner of the sands, will build a forge so that you may bring order to the terrible flames. Next, you must seek the metal to form the head. Of ores, you must have the purest, and for this you need the stone of Erathi. There is an ancient place, in Menetyre, where it is said the Erathi once walked.

Far below the ruins of this hall you will find a sacred stone. It will gleam a silvery-blue and shine in the dimmest light. It will be lightweight, but of tremendous hardness. This is the metal of the gods themselves. You will require the light of Mitharu. There is only one who knows the intricacies of the Great Order of the World. Hadwyn himself. Beseech his aid; that his sagecrafting may produce the purest of gems, such that the perfect order and unity of being is given form.

Finally, the haft must be created by Avin Andurin. It must be flawless, and worthy of a mystic hammer. It will require patience and fortitude, a steady but firm hand, and a measured and even judgment. It will be the greatest weapon ever crafted by human hands, and only the mastery which Andurin possesses can achieve this. It can be acquired during the The Mystic Hammer quest. It is not accessible until near the end of the Warsworn storyline, when you open the sealed area of the Hall with Gwyn Anwy to reforge The Mystic Hammer.


Blacksmithing Forge





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