Two cards are freely chosen. The performer claims the card on the table is his prediction of both free selections. The prediction however has two backs and no faces! The performer splits this prediction card in two. The prediction card becomes both selected cards!

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Not for me I made the decision to purchase the downloadable lecture based on the positive reviews, and have to say I was really disappointed. Did this review help you? His routines are juvenile, his attitude is smug and overall, his mentalism is weak. Do you want to respond to this review? The easiest way to find out is to utilize the Penguin search bar above. Type in "Kenton Knepper", and browse his works.

If any of his products interest you, this is along the same lines. It was truly a chance to sit at the feet if the master and learn directly from him. Like his books,he taught many tricks but the real value is in the thinking behind them and the concepts used. If you just do the tricks exactly as taught in the lecture you will get more than you paid for, but the real value is in the thinking behind the tricks.

If you apply those principles to your magic you will get far more than you paid for whether you are a magician or a mentalist. Highly recommended.

This lecture is incredibly underpriced given the impact this material has on audiences so do yourself a huge favor and download it now. As good as it gets. This lecture is pure gold and well worth much more than what is being charged. Very practical, easy to do effects and for those so inclined a good measure of the psychological subconscious subtleties from dual reality to cold reading for those who love performing.

This lecture is jam packed with items for magicians and mentalists whether you do street, close-up, parlour or stage. Knepper has a way of working a lot into his talks and presentations. What may fly past as "an aside" may in fact hold mountains of gold for you to find and mine. A lot of what was shared can serve as a springboard into free thinking about creating and presenting your own personalized versions of these amazing effects.

And effects? Kenton gave us everything from a bulletproof torn and restored card to a tossed out deck presentation that goes way beyond the usual card revelation and just a taste of the really "out there" effects that he is known for in the inner circles. I will watch this one over and over with tools in hand. Its worth the price in the first 20 minutes and from then on its just getting ridiculously worth your time. Get this.

Chock full of ideas and workable mentalism. It will require multiple watchings and additional material from Kenton. So good I hesitate to recomned it. Kenton is one smart cookie full of fantastic thinking on presentation and magic. The first effect blew my milnad and it just got better from there. If you want to truly connect with your audience and make the experience as real as possible, listen to Mr.

The theory he covers Is the goods you need. But the effects are fantastic as well. From a simple sugar vanish to some of the smartest thinking with cards, to drawing duplications. All useful work. And get wonderwords, it will make you a better entertainer.


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