Maular New interview with Jordan about Keyfest! Also is there a bennifit to using beta blockers to reduce anxiety? Dont quit your day job Get comfortable with independence from exercises ruudess to keep you jirdan while focusing on complete separation. Founded by Jordan Rudess, the legendary keyboardist conservatlry Dream Theater, Wizdom Music is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to create expressive and exciting tools for making music.

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Right now, there are two available areas: scales and arpeggios. The arpeggios section provides you with pdf files for all the major and minor arpeggios based of the major and minor triads.

These files also include suggested fingerings. Theory Welcome to the world of music theory. In writing this area of the OC, I am trying to provide a comprehensive overview of basic music theory and traditional chord analysis.

There are a few inherent challenges associated with writing a theory section, and I would like to discuss those briefly. First, music constantly evolves. The theory I learned in school related most specifically to classical music.

If you analyze romantic, impressionistic, or serial music, however, it becomes increasingly more difficult to apply the same theory to these new approaches to composing music.

Now, with the development of rock and pop music, new theoretical questions arise. Do power chords have a function in the traditional meaning of "chord" or do they actually serve as an emphasis of melody? How do sus chords function? My initial goal for this section is to give you a decent understanding of theory relating to traditional analysis. When I complete this area of the theory section, I will attempt to consolidate the material to make sense within our present musical environment.

Secondly, this material is labeled "theory. The explanations I provide represent my understanding of music. What I hope is that you will gain some new insight into areas of theory you are unfamiliar with and learn to develop your own true understanding of music. Please enjoy what I have to offer, and feel free to provide me with comments and feedback.


Jordan's Riffs

Ear Training Welcome to Ear Training! These lessons are designed to help train your mind to interpret what you are hearing. These sections are arranged in order of overall difficulty, so if you are new to ear training and music theory, I recommend working on the beginner and intermediate exercises of Intervals and then Chords before you jump into Chord Progressions. The Melody section contains the original Ear Training lessons notation with answers has been added , and there are new video lessons with Jordan for each difficulty as well! The time code after each exercise number represents the track time in the mp3 where that exercise begins. Once you have completed the exercises you wish to work on, you can check your answers in the second pdf file. The answer sheets contain one exercise per page so that you can view the answers for a particular exercises without having to see answers for exercises you may not have completed yet.


Fundamentals & Theory

Requires video file, please rudes again. The Jordan Rudess Online Conservatory offers keyboard musicians at any level of skill the opportunity to learn all aspects of music creation and performance including basic music theory and technique, synth leads and improvisation. Our new UI lets you enjoy the OC, browse lesson materials, and watch exercise videos not only from your desktop and laptop computers, but also from your tablet and mobile devices. Previous 1 2 Next. They cover everything from analog synthesis, to guitar soloing, to extreme drumming and beyond.


Ask Jordan

Merch Dream Theater have steadily achieved a startlingly sublime synthesis of soaring and unmistakable melody, progressive instrumentation and aggressive heaviness unrivaled within hard rock music. The legacy established throughout their virtuosic career of astounding aesthetic alchemy has made their very moniker synonymous with the power of talent, ability and momentum when brilliantly forged together. As the world around them unravels, unfurls and transitions toward an uncertain destiny economically, militarily, spiritually and politically, Dream Theater refashioned a way forward from the molten hot iron of their own internal transition to create the career-defining album A Dramatic Turn of Events. We infused definitive styles that were predominant in our music: the progressive end and the metal end, with the melodic element pretty high up on the list of priorities. Longtime fans of the band intrigued by the speediness of the notes on display from Dream Theater have much to study on the new album, while fans of melodic hooks will find equal pleasure within the songs. Perhaps most excitingly, as always, the progressive and the heavy compliment one another without the risk of one overshadowing the other. Dream Theater knew they wanted the album to be both heavy and melodic musically and vocally and with that determination of vision they obtained that goal.

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