The Blue Nowhere Excerpt The battered white van had made her uneasy. She looked outside again, into the overcast drizzle, and saw no sign of the windowless Econoline that, she believed, had followed her from her house, a few miles away, to the restaurant. Lara slid off the barstool and walked to the window, glanced outside. Nor was it across the street in the Apple Computer lot or the one next to it, belonging to Sun Microsystems.

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My first Jeffery Deaver read, Mistress of Justice, was a big disappointment. Retrospect has me believing I was too kind with my three-star rating, yet at the time I was feeling generous and gave it such a rating because it promised potential fun Jeffery Deaver reads.

My second Jeffery Deaver read, Edge, was much more enjoyable. I devoured Edge, finding myself addicted to the story and in need of more. My third Jeffery Deaver read, Speaking in Tongues, was another disappointment.

Like my first book, I was generous with my three-star rating, yet it could have just as easily been a two-star rating if my mood had been different. This story sucked me in instantly, and I found myself more than willing to keep turning the pages to see how everything came together.

In fact, I found myself desperately turning the pages, so sucked in that I was willing to finish this story in a single sitting. It was one of those stories that kept you guessing, throwing out a lot of information that left you with notions in your mind of what was to come. I worked out some, but not all of the details, and I loved the way things came together with this one. There was so much we got to watch unfold, so many elements to watch come together.

The crime had me hooked, and so did the characters, leaving me more than willing to keep turning the pages. That is not to say this book was perfect, but it was a really enjoyable read. I think the biggest issue I had with this one was in relation to the explanations.

I know not everyone will understand all the computer speak that occurs throughout this one, but I feel as though some things were explained needlessly. This may be a reflection of this book now being a bit dated — I think we can all agree, people are better educated in regards to technology than they were fifteen or so years ago — or it could just be that Jeffery Deaver felt it was necessary to explain every single detail.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. Whatever the case, at least I enjoyed The Blue Nowhere.


Blue Nowhere

He was born from a mother who was a homemaker, and a father that worked as an advertising copywriter, which seems a bit of foreshadowing. He has one younger sister named Julie Deaver. A very interesting fact is that he actually completed his first two chapter book when he was as young as eleven years old. When he grew up, he chose to attend the University of Missouri in order to gain an education in his preferred field of study. After graduation he worked in the field for a few years as a magazine writer. However, he aspired to work for The New York Times as a legal consultant, but would not be taken seriously without an applicable degree.


The Blue Nowhere



Jeffery Deaver



The Blue Nowhere (2001)


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