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Andribet D. Baez E. Bass R. Bogliano J. Cannone C. Colombo N. Corrado R. Cutillo H. Flores A. Iaconis E. Lapiduz S. Laguzzi F. Mazzoni J. Pujol A. Suchowolski C. Sverdloff A. Toscano G.

Zucal R. Stanglini Standards General Committee C. Alderuccio Ing. Arcioni Ing. Casella Dr. Catalano Ing. Donegani Lic. Grimaldi Dr. Grosso Ing. Ituarte Ing. Kostic Ing. Mangosio Ing. Mardyks Ing. Neill Dr. Otamendi Sr. Soldi Prof. San M. It is also within IRAM scope of responsibility to enforce the use of the IRAM Seal in accordance with IRAM Standards and its related services inside and outside the country, and to promote quality systems in manufacturing companies to ensure safety to the consumer.

This committee, considering the power voltage used at national level, the safety of the system, the effect in the economies of all sectors and the aspects derived from imports, etc. On the other hand, and in order to compensate for household appliances and the like operating with 10 A or more, it was decided to include 20 A, AC plug and outlet assembly mentioned in IEC 83, standard sheet A 10?

According to the most updated trends, this standard establishes V power voltage, but can also be applied to plugs previously identified whose power voltage ranges between V and V. Neither plugs for industrial usage nor plugs to be used in explosive environments, with corrosive gases or in wiring circuits on board shall be included in this standard. Standards for Consultation 1. The following standards include provisions which, whenever quoted in this document shall be considered valid for this IRAM standard.

Issues indicated were effective at the moment of publication. All the standards may be subject to revision and the parties entering agreements based on this standard shall make their best effort to use the latest revisions. Figures The fastening device shall be suitable for wire O.

Please refer to IRAM standard. Note: Should special wires be used, the characteristics of the fastening device shall be established previously. The useful length of the plug shall not be smaller than 15 mm. Table 1 Plug Dimensions mm. Manufacturing limit profiles not included Note: measures are given in mm. Figure 1? Figures 2a and 2b provide examples of the adequate shapes. Distance between parts with different polarity voltage and the external perimeter of the plug shall not be smaller than that necessary to fulfill the dice test indicated in IRAM Standard In any of the cases, it shall not be smaller than 8 mm.

This thickness shall remain constant around the pins up to no less than 3 mm. Figure 3? View from the Pins 4. From these lots, samples shall be taken according to the quantity indicated in IRAM 15 standard: for simple sampling plan, normal inspection and special inspection level S? These samples shall comply with requirements stated in Paragraphs 4. No Go Gage 6. Go gage, it shall be introduced without exerting any force on each contact pin. Then, a wall thickness gage 0,5 mm.

Contact sheets shall be made in phosphorous bronze with adequate resilience. Connections shall be made with copper wire 1,8 mm. Table 3 Reference outlet for pin verification mm.

Each contact sheet shall resist Mnd mass and the pin shall not detach. With mass Md, the pin shall detach before 5 s.

Note: Dimensions in mm. Contact The reference outlet whose dimensions are indicated in Figure 5 shall be used to verify that the grounded pin in the plug does not contact the sheets under voltage of the reference outlet, and that the phase and neutral pins of the plug penetrate at the same time in the sheets under voltage. As an example, IEC 83 standard specification sheet is attached. Notes: 1: In this standard no optional holes are specified 2: In this standard, no shape in pins is specified A.

IRAM Grounded bipolar plugs to be used with socket-outlet and plug for fixed residential facilities with V power voltage. International Electrotechnical Commission. IEC ? Socket-outlet and plug for domestic and similar general use Standard A 10?

Attachment plugs and receptacles. Figure Information belonging to the IRAM is based on the experience obtained in the application of the previous issue of this standard.


NBRNM60884-1 de 01/2010

The plugs have three round pins arranged in a triangle, with the larger top pin being the earthing pin. The plugs are polarized and unfused. Plugs are non-interchangeable between current ratings. BS "13 A plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units" [20] is the main plug and socket type used in the United Kingdom. According to the IEC [11] it is also used in over 50 countries worldwide. This plug has three rectangular pins forming an isosceles triangle.



Andribet D. Baez E. Bass R. Bogliano J. Cannone C.


NM60884-1 de 12/2009

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