Gumi My thanks to the good folks at Chess Life for allowing me to do so. This month we look at three books that have recently returned to the marketplace. Very rarely do we examine the nature and structure of our thought processes. It is really very inspiring.

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Compared to the first edition, McKay third printing , the very first example, Piket-Sosonko , has been replaced by a new example, Kamsky-Mamedyarov Though much of the descriptive language is similar: M McKay pp. But the master notices quite a bit more than the amateur does. But a master would see something else. Strike three, and this one is fatal. Black wanted to play 33…Nd5 but dismissed it because his g-pawn was hanging.

Actually, 33…Nd5 Bxg7 f6! Another two-mover missed. Ra1 Na6 No time for 34…Nd5 now because of And this is the fourth two-move variation the world champion overlooked. M p. Ra1 Na6? Black could draw with 34…Kc5! Ra3 Kc4. White would have nothing better than repeating the position Other revisions simply include updated references: M pp.

Other examples of this sort are as follows: M p. Corrections to the text have also been made, for instance, the game heading Vukic-Romanishin, M p. The end to the game Fischer -Sherwin , was corrected from h3 M p. And the game heading Duras-Spielmann, M p. Text was also added or amended to dozens of games. This often includes updates to the previous analysis, though it often only amounts to a new sentence or change of move. With regard to production the new edition has a more open layout, clearer diagrams but no more have been added , and a broader table of contents.

However, the print on some of the pages appears washed out at times and the index has been completely removed. Thus, there are many minor corrections, but with only five new examples added and four removed , if you have the earlier McKay edition, there is no overwhelming reason to warrant purchasing this new one. That said, if you do not own the McKay edition, there is every reason to purchase this new one.

The material is far more accessible to the average player than, say, Grandmaster Preparation: Calculation , and therefore more beneficial to actually improving your play and understanding the material and underlying concepts. Chess is really 99 percent calculation — the inner game of chess. It meets the threat to the knight with a gain of time. The only problem is that 2. And there it is: 1…Rxc4!

Yet more misinformation is circulated about calculating than about any other aspect of chess. The Inner Game of Chess is deservedly considered a classic and modern readers owe it to themselves to find out why. All Rights Reserved.


The Inner Game of Chess: How to Calculate and Win



The Inner Game of Chess


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