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History[ edit ] Gujarati Natak Mandali —89 [ edit ] Gujarati theatre was established on the foundation of the Gujarati Natak Mandali. It was founded in response to discontent with the Parsi theatre company owner Framji Gustadji Dalal. The playwright Ranchhodbhai Dave , who had previously worked with Natak Uttejak Mandali —94 , helped in the starting and management of the new troupe, which initially started as an amateur group of Gujarati teachers.

The partners were responsible for various departments of the company. Sarveshvar was the manager and director of the company. The company pioneered the pure Gujarati culture-influenced theatre, free from any Parsi influences. It premiered on 6 January at the Victoria Theatre in front of an audience of people. It was the first social tragedy in the Gujarati language, with five acts and thirty-four scenes. It had twenty characters, including the character of Nandan, whose name became synonymous with a fool.

Dayashankar Visanji Bhatt, aka Dayashankar Girnara, a theatre actor-director, renamed it the Mumbai Gujarati Natak Mandali and guided its further progress. They acted in several successful plays together. It was directed by Girnara. Dwivedi saw the advertisement of performance and told Govardhanram Tripathi in Bombay to send him a legal notice for performing the play without his permission.

Dayashankar went to Nadiad and met Dwivedi where he apologised, took him to Bombay, gave a diamond ring as well as requested him to write another play for rupees to Dwivedi did not accept the ring but agreed to write an another play Nrusinhavatar for him.

The new play was staged on 18 February but failed commercially because the director and lead actor were Parsis. Following it, the censorship by the British authorities was instituted. Barrister was about a youth who was devastated due to his attraction to the western world. They became hits when they were performed again in — Feeling hurt because of not receiving his previously agreed sum, Mulani left the company.

The company introduced Jaishankar Bhojak , then aged 12, in , who mainly performed as a female impersonator as females were not allowed in theatres in those times. These plays experimented with story and themes as well as focused on contemporary subjects instead of taking inspirations from popular subjects such as mythology. But their enactment stayed unchanged. His Snehsarita River of Affection, had a lead character of a woman participating in the Indian independence movement.

Madhubansari ran successfully for two years due to great direction, fine acting and music. The songs of the play were written by Rasiklal Parikh and four shows of it were staged.

Later he staged four plays written by Champshi Udeshi, four plays written by Gajendrashankar Pandya as well as many Parsi theatre styled plays. Mulani had left the company. After death of Dayashankar Girnara, Sorabji Katrak was brought in as a new director. Bapulal highlighted his directorial mistakes so the owners of the company established a separate Mumbai Urdu Natak Mandali which was closed down after a year and Katrak had to left.

The owner Maganlal and Chhotalal were focused on profits only. Bapulal wanted to be a director and writer so he played a major role in outing others. Jaishankar Sundari too left the company and joined Laxmikant Natak Samaj for a brief period before returning to the company. After sometime, he retired from the theatre in The high salaried actors, costly productions and failure of plays led to the loss. With the advent of the cinema, the theatre started to lose its audience. The company was sold in and was closed on 30 November


हिंदी के चुने हुए 'तीस बाल नाटक'

Unlike Bollywood or popular Hindi series, Marathi natak is known to project a more realistic and thoughtful portrayal of life. There are lots of Marathi nataks online that you can watch. We have handpicked some of the best Marathi plays here that are sure to leave a lasting impression on you. Part 1.



Manubhai is their guujarati man. Gujarati Pride Gujarati Editor. To produce an off-beat play with no known actors and with no frills is no easy task for the commercial Gujarati stage. The group also performed a farce Dhanji Gharak at the same venue. This public event including the play is open for all. The event has been organized by Ahmedabad Gujaratii Corporation.

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