Step 1 Press r 9. The LCD keypad is now toggled to the second language. Step 2 Repeat Step 1 to revert to the first language. Always use leading zeros when necessary, i.

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Step 1 Press r 9. The LCD keypad is now toggled to the second language. Step 2 Repeat Step 1 to revert to the first language. Always use leading zeros when necessary, i. The LCD will now prompt you for the attributes in the following chart.

Page Reset Function Step 3 If the keypad begins beeping, the reset did not execute properly. Enter your code to silence the keypad. Wait a few minutes and repeat step 2 to attempt another reset. If the keypad still beeps after repeated attempts, please contact your installer.

Use the scroll keys again to adjust to desired brightness. When completed, exit by pressing r Step 5 WWW. If the chime is on, the chime light will be illuminated. If the chime is off, the chime light will be off.

Page 20 If Area 4 is disarmed, [ ] [4] will arm it. Press [STAY] during the exit delay to bypass all interior zones in the exit delay. To control the individual areas, refer to the following section. Page 21 If the keypad is sounding an alarm or the siren is running, it can be silenced by entering a code with the authority for the area s that are in alarm.

Page Keypad Control Tones beeps Entering a valid code will silence the keypad sounder when it is pulsing. Please contact your installer if a trouble condition exists. Page Service Display The phone line connected to the control is not operating properly. Phone trouble Control The main power to your system is not on. Power trouble Control Open circuit has occurred on the bell or siren circuit. Siren trouble WWW. Page 24 Press [r] to identify the zone.

Zone A zone is tampered. Press [r] to identify Tamper, Press r the tampered zone. A zone is experiencing some form of Zone trouble probably wiring. Press [r] to Trouble, Press r identify the zone. Start Prog Start Local programming is started. Programming End Prog Local programming is ended. End Dnld End Download Download session is ended. Page 26 Reports when the last partition is armed.

Page Emergency Evacuation Plans Early warning fire detection is best achieved by the installation of fire detection equipment in all rooms.


Ge NetworX NX-8E Manuals

Authority Level: The level of access an individual has when using an alarm panel. Central Station: Location where alarm data is sent during an alarm report. The armed light will flash when there has been an alarm during the previous arm cycle. The ready light is off when the system is not ready to arm because of a zone s being faulted.


GE NetworX NX-148E User Manual

The comm is pretty simple. It fails but I did turn debugging on and the message was sent and received by the panel. Right now nz8e plugin only shows a possible 8 zones, do you know if the plugin will allow past 8 zones once the new board is installed or is that a hard limit? They are not cheap but this is just one of the few nxx8e this company makes, offers free software updates and a lifetime warranty on them. The plugin does seem to die at times and needs to reconnect. But it must be in the vicinity of your indigo mac.


GE NetworX NX-8E User Manual




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