Line from venous drip chamber is connected to a transducer protector port P and attached here to provide venous blood pressure readings. The following example illustrates this procedure. The K hydraulic system is a closed system that uses a separate UF pump for greater accuracy. Page Dialogue Box displays the current time, patient blood pressure and pulse and the time taken. Monitoring The Treatment The table following this section is indexed by Status box message.

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Infections fresenuus pyrogen reactions may also result from contamination of the extracorporeal circuit or inadequate procedures used to reuse dialyzers.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Enter text from picture: It costs Fresenius money that they wont make back! Alarms And Troubleshooting Operational Status The K hemodialysis machine maual equipped with a system of electronic components and diagnostic software that monitor its operation and performance.

About This Manual This manual is organized to systematically guide a patient-care specialist through the set up, operation, and clean up of the K in daily use. K Venous Pressure Alarm Low pressure detected in the venous Blood 1 Check venous tubing for kinked line, clotting or clamps. If the failure message is the automated Test Sequence has repeated on retest, take the machine out of service and alert a failed. The table following this section is indexed by Status box message.

Using A Central Venous Catheter Assembly, installation, adjustment, or repair is to be performed only by persons authorized by the facility medical director or by Fresenius USA. Control The control panel is located at the top third of the K and contains the Panel touch screen and panel keys used in controlling the treatment. It is also necessary to wipe the external parts of the machine with a surface cleaner.

Completion Of Dialysis The dialysate mnaual should not be emptied prior to cleaning the dialyzer. Connect water inlet according to the specifications for the machine. Observe the system for fluid leaks and discontinue treatment if you are unable to correct any fluid leak quickly.

Hold for one second to turn the power off and If blood is sensed, the machine will power down with an audible alarm. Page 84 The drip chamber and transducer are connected via a pressure line that runs from the chamber to venous pressure port P located on the front of the module. Conventions A button refers to pressure-sensitive area located in the treatment screens that is used to set treatment parameters.

Check conductivity and approximate pH with an independent device and connect dialysate lines to dialyzer in counter-current flow. The Override light will not illuminate. Alarm Turn machine power off and back on.

Fresenius Medical Care Category: Bicarbonate Pump Volume Calibration I think the technical writers are sick of putting out new tech manuals, pm updates for a machine l has been in use for over 20 years.

These screens are the: If the problem persists for longer than one minute or occurs repeatedly: Other Options There are other options on these screens that freeenius not be specifically described here. K Conductivity High, 5 Replace the concentrates if it appears maanual the fluid is being continued pulled in, but the conductivity is still high. The default value may be changed in Service Mode. Disinfection and Maintenance Disinfection and Maintenance The fluid path of freaenius K can be disinfected chemically or with heat.


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Fresenius Medical Care 2008K Operator's Manual


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