For information on failed deliveries, see Managing the mail queue and Managing undeliverable mail. Note that if the email message triggers an antispam or antivirus profile, no DSN message will be sent. If it triggers a content profile, a DSN message will still be sent. If this field is empty, the FortiMail unit uses the default name of postmaster.

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The FortiMailC, while complicated to set up, offers an incredible feature set at an affordable price. Installation of the device was easy enough as it ships with mounting hardware for both two-post and four-post rack configurations. It also included Ethernet and console cables, which was pleasant to see. Configuration was tricky, though. Much like a firewall, policy order is vital. We found ourselves briefly frustrated while trying to set up an encryption rule before we realized that the test message also matched the criteria for a different rule we set up higher in the list.

Once we began thinking of the device as a firewall for email, everything fell into place. There were some glitches. We were unable to get certain features to work without a call to support. Once we did have it working, though, the device functioned beautifully. Support is present for both self-signed certificates and existing public key infrastructure PKI implementations. It provides all of its email routing and manipulation features through a series of policies and profiles, which can be linked together in multiple ways to provide a desired function.

For example, policies can be set that will encrypt an outgoing message if it comes from a user in a particular Active Directory group, addressed to a specific external email address, contains a particular word or phrase or any combination of the three. Documentation comes on a CD and Fortinet also hosts a knowledge base and user forums. The installation and administrators guides are detailed, providing screen shots and step-by step instructions for configuring each module.

Due to the complexity of the way each module interacts with the others, however, we would have liked to see some sample scenarios documented. As it was, we had to rely on the Fortinet support team to connect some of the dots for us. Fortinet uses a flat rate pricing scheme for its FortiMail devices, there is no per user charge, and no component- or module-based pricing.

All FortiMail devices come with all feature sets. If you have time to comb through documentation, or have a small amount of money in your budget for the remote installation service, the FortiMail C will serve your enterprise extremely well.

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FortiMail-400C - appliance de seguran├ža de e-mail

FortiMail Series FortiMail Messaging Security The FortiMail family of appliances is a proven, powerful messaging security platform for any size organization, from small businesses to carriers, service providers, and large enterprises. You can prevent your messaging system from becoming a threat delivery system with FortiMail. Its inbound filtering engine blocks spam and malware before it can clog your network and affect users. Its outbound inspection technology prevents outbound spam or malware including 3G mobile traffic from causing other antispam gateways to blacklist your users. Three deployment modes offer maximum versatility while minimizing infrastructure changes or service disruptions: transparent mode for seamless integration into existing networks with no changes to your existing mail server, gateway mode as a proxy MTA for existing messaging gateways, or full messaging server functionality for remote locations.


FortiMail Messaging Security


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