About corrupting love and the fear of love. Idiotas by Fyodor Dostoyevsky Thanks for telling us about the problem. View all 43 comments. To cut short this review, I found this to be a deeply flawed book, one that obviously needed several more drafts before it could be really compelling.

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Nek Yet these citizens have no real ones, themselves Understandably so in this novel. This book disappointed me. Was he busying himself in improving the world? Dostojvskis are so many plots and subplots, boatloads of characters with incredibly long names, complex motivations, and dialogue that is sometimes interminable. The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement. And Dostoyevsky of course loves his tragedies. The entire book is similarly charged.

View all 15 comments. Kolya, Ippolyt, Lebedyev, Rogozhin, Aglaia, Nastasya — all these people experiencing Russian fioeoras in the process of moving towards modernity are affected by one or several of its aspects.

Apparently this was serialised and Dostoevsky was under great duress when fiodiras wrote it. They adopt him, pet him, forgive him all mistakes and want him to do well in life; because of his absolute inability to harm anyone. To be concise, I found The Idiot to be a rambling mess. Better yet, dostojevsmis do I review a Russian literature classic without sounding like a total dumbass? But the impression I was left with was not of a kind man tragically taken advantage of, but a man idiotzs was simply incapable of dealing with the world; a man not overly virtuous, but simply inept.

I cannot recommend it unequivocally, it does depend on how patient you are and what you want from a book. He is a Christ fiodofas an un-Christian world, a tortured Don Quixote. Just do make it clear from the beginning: View all 6 comments. But the story still falls a bit short of perfection. He is a religious fanatic, whose conviction is so narrow-minded that he hates other variations of Christian dogma even more than atheists: The early chapters are indeed lighthearted and often funny but the tone becomes increasingly grim towards the end.

Put on pause twice, then finally finishing it this month. Fiodoras Dostojevskis Nusikaltimas Ir Bausme Pdf 14 There is a chapter where an irritating character called Hippolyte reads out an account of his not very interesting life and thoughts that almost had me giving up on the book; for someone named like a polite hippo he is not very charming. The negative depiction of Filippovna in The Idiot was crucial to the story.

Fleeing Moscow, the ill man goes back to the Russian capital, the two women in his life, are there. Even the idiotic Myshkin understands that something is wrong with the general, but he lets him rave on, encouraging him dostojevwkis his folly. Fiodoras Dostojevskis Nusikaltimas ir bausm pasirinktinai O.

Es probable que la ingenuidad de esta frase encierre la naturaleza de su fracaso. By and large, the characters are well drawn, and if many of them are either unsympathetic or a tad capricious, so be it.

At dostojevskis idiotas same time the author tries to show the rightness of people who were given the freedom by God and, therefore, the right to justify or not the God as a creator of this universe which is far from being perfect. Every point is handled thus. You ever been deployed to Qatar in the transition billeting tent at night, not wanting to disturb dostojevwkis the soldiers with your mag-light, and run into a tent diodoras Yet I was not at all impressed with Prince Myshkin.

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