Born from humble beginnings, Woodlore pioneered the bushcraft revolution and continues to lead the way today. This vision remains as strong as it ever was; at Woodlore our mission is to enable others to drink at the well of bushcraft, by providing the very best Education, Experience and Equipment. Woodlore courses cover a wide range of topics; expertly taught they open up a world of possibilities. Designed to be immersive, they provide new insights into the natural world, develop self-confidence, dispel fear and encourage a positive mental attitude. Woodlore expeditions provide the opportunity to gain real trail experience in some of the most stunning landscapes on earth. Using the wilderness as a classroom, these journeys develop confidence, self-reliance and respect for the wild.

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At the top of the list was a renewal of our essential 1st aid skills which will ensure that we are prepared for anything that the season can throw at us and more importantly, be better informed and able to prevent situations reaching the point where intervention is required.

First aid training CPR technique was measured and improved, new methods of ventilation and wound closure practised and new equipment evaluated. Ray was always at hand to inject the benefit of his vast experience and remind us of the fundamental nature of what we were learning, providing valuable insights into practical wilderness application. We pride ourselves on the level to which we take our first aid training and continue to encourage others to make this essential wilderness skill a priority for their outdoor adventures.

First aid training As always, training was an opportunity for the staff to come together and renew the strong bonds that make us such an effective team. Meals were shared, news swapped and this year, new introductions made. Three new assistants have earned their place amongst the established field team and have been welcomed warmly.

Dee Whittle, Stella Verkroost and James Smith start their journey with Woodlore this season and we have high hopes and aspirations for them all. We have also forged new links with Cypher Medical who have taken over our 1st aid training and promise to push the team in terms of both knowledge and stress inoculation. Thank you, to both Andy and Chris for providing a comprehensive training package.

Woodlore Team Monday night saw the team pushing through the snow as part of a night navigation challenge, the culmination of a day of learning which saw Quartermaster David Southey and Founder Ray Mears teaching essential and advanced navigation techniques to the rest of the team.

Of course, all the training has one purpose: to ensure the quality of teaching and leadership experienced on our worldwide range training courses and expeditions. We look forward to welcoming you to our campfire during ! Night navigation.


Woodlore Team Training 2018



Essential Bushcraft


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