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However, the slim Dell Latitude E and its plastic casing also fit medium budgets. Our report clarifies whether the E is just another office machine, or if it might just add a touch of elegance to the desk. For the original German review, see here. Productivity is the primary aspect in many offices. For this reason, Dell offers different lines of its

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The Dell Latitude E offers solid performance and some additional features that place it near the front of the pack of similar low-priced notebooks, making it a good choice for budget-conscious agencies that need to equip large numbers of users. Quick and powerful enough to support most enterprise applications, the E and its Intel 2.

Even memory and drive-intensive processes such as anti-virus scanning ran smoothly without impeding performance. A GB hard drive provides plenty of space for any operating system as well as storage, and the USB 3. Performance testing with an external hard drive produced results that were almost as fast as using the internal disk. It was surprising to find a quality With a native resolution of x, everything from PowerPoint presentations to training videos really popped.

The internal speakers that support the display might not be movie theater quality, but are adequate for most presentations without requiring additional amplification. Buyers can select from their choice of Windows 7 or 8. Our evaluation unit came with Windows 8. Most likely, state and local governments will choose to work with either Windows 7 or Windows Windows 8.

If an organization has standardized on Windows 7, then they can order a Latitude to come with that OS. However, agencies considering a migration to Windows 10 can upgrade the Latitude for free from any Windows 8. Our review unit was configured with Windows 8. After a few quick baseline performance tests, we upgraded to Windows Upgrading is relatively painless, if somewhat time-consuming. To begin the upgrade, first configure the system to work with Windows 8.

Windows should remember all network names, IP addresses, ID information and even things like time zones and wallpapers when moving up to Once the setup is complete, click on the upgrade icon. Clean systems can ignore the option of backing up everything first, which provides another reason to perform this step quickly.

Windows will then download the files needed to run Windows Given the size of the file, it may take an hour or more over a slower connection. The actual installation process that accompanies the download went fairly quickly. It took 46 minutes from start to finish to upgrade our evaluation unit from Windows 8. Obtaining the free upgrade to Windows 10 presents an option for governments that want to combine Windows 10 with the economic and performance benefits of the Dell Latitude E model.


Dell Latitude E5550



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Latitude E5550


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