Central Library Path The name field is obvious. It gives a name to your project. The location field is where you want your project saved. If you are a student from ece make sure to save your project to your personal drive normally Z: or you will not have access to it if you leave that computer for another.

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This utility creates DxDesigner? It does not create Expedition snapshots. The utility is launched from the System Tools Menu. Creates a periodic backup while engineers are actively working in DxDesigner or CES In the example below, a backup is made every 1 hour, and 5 backups are kept. Triggered when an application is opened or closed.

Various Snapshots 7 Restoring a Snapshot? A user can revert to any saved snapshot from the Restore Backup command. The Restore Backup command is inactive while the project is open. Prune old backups weekly. Run automatically at user-defined frequencies.

CES data. The backup is purely a snapshot of the current DxDesigner sheet. Currently there is no way to limit the number of backups. The backup does not include CES rules that may have been changed during the session. You can set DxDesigner to do a Backup the first time that a sheet is open from the settings menu. You can now add comments to your backups from the output window Backups can now be cleared.

The iCDB Project backup already backs up all sheets, so use this command sparingly. Can be set to perform a backup automatically when a sheet is opened. Subsequent backups are performed by the user. If you have iCDB project backup set up properly, there is no need to create an Automatic backup whenever a sheet is first opened. DxArchiver archives the entire Dx? Expedition design database on demand.

DxArchiver Limitations:? For design archiving use only; does not rename design files or design database name 12 DxArchiver and a Typical Design Folder? FPC Files. DxArchiver remembers the extra folder names by storing them in the DxArchiver.

This has to be done through a text editor. No engineering activity allowed during JMW use. Always configured for automated use when project is initiated. Only when about to make a major change on a sheet, and need a way to revert to the last version of the sheet. Creates a copy of the project even while engineers are working in the database.

Automatic Sheet Backups turned off. For critical projects, use DxArchiver daily to back up both the frontand back-end. The settings are stored in a. The Property List comes from the. The Cross References are automatically updated The Cross Reference Text is placed in a column and has to be manually adjusted until more format options become available.

A procedure for doing that is defined below. Import the symbol to DxDesigner from the Central Library? Go to CL View tab under local symbols. Right-click on the symbol to Edit it. The locally edited symbol is stored in the design database. Note that Packaging the design will probably throw a part exception because the database now has content that differs from the Production Library.

If a power pin is bussed i. Adds a tab to the Output window that is cross-probable to the schematic. Creates an ascii Netlist that is easy to read — look for. QCV file in the design folder. QCV file? QCV File is written at the top level of the design container. An excerpt of a. QCV file is shown below. After Package is run, three files get created in the Integration folder — UnusedGates. Some Legacy Parts use this Method. Right-click on any symbol to Verify which nets are connected to it.

Select Browse to navigate to another Schematic. You can then select, copy, and paste portions of a schematic from one sheet to the next. You can also launch two separate DxDesigner sessions, and copy and paste portions of a sheet from one to the other. It is like pasting selected text into a dialog. Adjust the Symbol in the Symbol Editor, and Save Proceed with schematic entry on the block schematic, making sure that you add ports for external connections.

The new block will show up under Local Symbols where it can be placed on the top-level schematic. After that you must use the symbol editor to add or remove pins. If you copy a schematic containing a block to a new design, the block schematic also gets copied. A block can be placed multiple times on the same top level schematic Blocks can be placed hierarchically, i.

Recursion is not allowed. This does not change the actual symbol. Go to a specific sheet. When aligning Text, Names, and Properties, first set the text origin to the desired justification The alignment is then maintained for different fonts and DxPDF? Use Placeholders on a symbol for each visible property for good readability and consistent placement Default Visibility is inherited from a symbol first.

Schematic DRC reports all unconnected pins. All No Connects are still reported in the unconnectedpins. PDFSheetorder to each sheet border, either manually or using Scout. The order may not be reflected in the bookmarks section. Changing a Net Name in the Navigator will change it across the entire design, while changing its name in the properties dialog box will change it for just that sheet. This will cause the nets to short in Expedition. Set the Route Mode to straight if you want odd-angled wires in your schematic.



Zulkibei Symbol is defined with no pins. PNP transistor not working 2. Synthesized tuning, Part 2: I try to use DXdesigner dxdeesigner capture a sch but i cant use right What is the function of TR1 in this circuit 3. How can the power consumption for computing be reduced for energy harvesting? However package or forward annotate will not run do to this error. Dxdesignr need a Mentor Graphics tutorial!


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DxDesigner What is DxDesigner? DxDesigner is software from Mentor Graphics, developed to aid engineers in the design and creation of PCBs, or printed circuit boards. The software helps engineers in creating a layout for printed circuit boards, such as designing the arrangements of pads, contact fingers and other components of a circuit. In other words, the PCB software program provides the user with tools for the schematic design of circuit boards, allowing them to determine board dimensions, stack layers, copper tracks and signal traces. With DxDesigner, engineers are provided with an integrated environment to allow them to work simultaneously on the different components of a particular PCB. The program includes sophisticated graphic tools that support a wide range of printed circuit board layouts. Engineering teams are able to simultaneously edit multiple attributes of the PCB elements, allowing them to synchronize their tasks for a more efficient and effective workflow.


Creating schematics using xDX Designer in the PADS Standard/Plus flow

Akirr Distorted Sine output from Transformer 8. I need a Mentor Graphics tutorial! Digital multimeter appears to have measured voltages lower than expected. How reliable is it?


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Tweet While having appropriate labeling and naming for schematic symbols is the most critical aspect of organizing your symbol library, ensuring that pins for all symbols are consistent is equally critical. Pin Text Pin names should all be unique, duplicate pin names are not allowed because pins cannot be mapped in the layout tool if there are two pins with the same name. Even if pins perform the same function ground connection, no-connects, etc , the names must still be unique. Pin Names will not always be shown, depending on the type of symbol. Generally speaking, pin names are not shown on discrete, connector, or logic gate symbols.

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