Share via Email Raw, provocative and deeply moving Dorothy L Sayers. To give a book, then, is an unselfish, outward-looking act — but to share one is something quite different. The act of sharing a book you love is fraught with anxiety and risk: you are, in effect, deliberately creating a test situation for your share-ee, on which your long-term view of them will depend.

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Start your review of Gaudy Night Lord Peter Wimsey, 12 Write a review Recommends it for: smart women Recommended to Meredith by: Shelley Harvey Shelves: favorites , girls-rule , romantic , reviewed , want-a-hardcover-of-my-very-own A couple of years ago I thought as a gesture to God saying something like, Hey, we dont disagree about everything and anyway what do I know about life? When I say it now it doesnt sound like a very good idea, but I did a lot of things at that time that sound stupid now.

Sometimes its better to go with what you know, even if its very little. In fact, this book brings up a couple of stories I have about churches, so I should probably say as a disclaimer that Gaudy Night is not religious at all in its topic, but deals mostly with the role of women in society.

That just happens to be something about which I tend to get pissed off at churches. Rather than preaching topically, this football pastor had decided that the entire church which may not be fully of mega-church size, but is by no means small would read through the Bible together in a year, like you do, and he would pull the sermons from our reading assignments.

There are a lot of troubling things about Esther, but also some really fascinating things. As the sermon went on, I felt sure there would be some kind of uprising in the congregation.

He never acknowledged the incident. It really makes for a delightful read! Sayers presents the varied personalities of the dons and students of the university with a lot of color and flair. The fun and thoughtful discussion Dorothy Sayers presents in Gaudy Night on the topic of women being intelligent humans in their own right was vindicating and cathartic for me to read. She illustrates both the freedom and the shame that successful women feel, and does it in this funny, charming, British way that I adore.

Harriet Vane is wonderful! Sayers shows these aspects as momentary weaknesses, however, which are secondary to the overall trust and regard that the women show each other. They are not caricatures, but have their own flaws and charms. Lord Peter Whimsey makes his appearance to be useful, charming, and supplicating. Also, I love the way Sayers explores how women think of themselves. It would have been an unnecessary distraction to go into what men think of us.

I like that, even though it was frustrating for my more pedestrian brain. I think I needed the Norton edition. Men were uninvited to the event, and the humorous? Other than stuff on my cat , I think this was the most successful book from that evening, and it actually makes all of the uncomfortable female judgment worth it.

I kind of love that this book was given to me in this really awkward event that only women were allowed to come to. This book has so much to say to the contrary. I love irony.


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Plot[ edit ] Harriet Vane returns with trepidation to her alma mater , Shrewsbury College, Oxford to attend the Gaudy dinner. Expecting hostility because of her notoriety she had stood trial for murder in an earlier novel, Strong Poison , she is surprised to be welcomed warmly by the dons, and rediscovers her old love of the academic life. Some time later the Dean of Shrewsbury writes to ask for her help. Harriet, herself a victim of poison-pen letters since her trial, reluctantly agrees, and returns to spend some months in residence, ostensibly to do research on Sheridan Le Fanu and to assist a don with her book. As she wrestles with the case, trying to narrow down the list of suspects who might be responsible for poison-pen messages , obscene graffiti , wanton vandalism including the destruction of a set of scholarly proofs , and the crafting of vile effigies , she is forced to examine her ambivalent feelings about Wimsey, about love and marriage, and about her attraction to academia as an intellectual and emotional refuge.


Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers – a weighty novel that still thrills



Gaudy Night


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