Start the series for FREE when you subscribe to my newsletter! Book 1: Dirty Blood I killed a girl last night. I did it with my bare hands and an old piece of pipe I found lying next to the dumpster. All snapping teeth and extended claws.

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Sep 05, Anne rated it really liked it I hate the cover, but really enjoyed the story, much more than I thought I would. Jul 01, Chelsea Fine rated it it was amazing Dirty Blood was incredible. It is VERY well-written and a completely original take on werewolves. The heroine, Tara, is strong, intelligent, capable and easy to relate to. I believed in Tara. I wanted to make out with Wes.

And I was captivated by the storyline. Destined love, forbidden love, mysterious love On her way to the bus stop, she finds a young girl shivering uncontrolably, and Tara approaches her to offer her help, the young girl bolts towards her and changes into a wolf.

A wolf with snapping teeth, large claws and one whom wants to kill her. Tara reaches for the only weapon she can find a large pipe and hits the wolf. Now lying beside Tara, motionless, Tara realized she has killed On a cold frosty night Tara finds herself abandoned and no way to get home, so she decides to catch the bus. Tara mesmerized and shaken, hears a voice , turns and finds herself looking at a young man, who is offering to help her despite the fact that she has just committed murder.

Wes takes Tara home, and in time introduces Tara to a world she did not know existed, tells her things she never dreamed off and also tells her she is a HUNTER. Wes is mixed breed, part hunter, part werewolf and due to his Genes he is able to change into a wolf.

Tara and Wes find themselves magnetically drawn to each other, an attraction unexplained, yet electricity that flows like a thunder bolt and lightening.

Tara finds herself in danger; someone is trying to kill her, reason unknown. Wes takes upon his protectiveness for Tara to protect and kill whoever tried to harm her. Their life is thrown into a world wind and visions are put forward, will Tara be the destiny they all seek?? Tara now realizes her life is not at all what it seems, filled with lies and a bubble her mother had created to keep her safe, but in the long run will this bubble get Tara killed?

My Review. Within settling down in my comfy spot, I was completely drawn into this story and sucked in within the first chapter. The suspense, and mystery started early in Dirty Blood, only to find myself mesmerized and intrigued by such an interesting idea. I found his character to be bold, and assertive yet with that soft side to him and of course with a bod like that!!!

We can only envisage how hot he was!!! Where Tara was concerned, Wes would have died just to protect her. The attraction between Tara and Wes was sensual, mesmerizing and certainly electrifying. The connection they had was romantic, and heartfelt, both equally feeling what the other thought.

Two butterflies in unison In the end, her true Hunter came out and not only became evident she had a gift, but also showed everyone she was cable of doing. Her attraction to Wes was very girly, lovey dovey, but quiet romantic and made you grin at moments.

I enjoy a little romance, and this story did not go overboard with this, just the right amount to get your heart fluttering and keep you intrigued. Like I said from the first chapter ,I was hooked, line and sinker, and just get reeling it in till I finished it. I enjoyed the fresh storyline that Heather created, certain werewolves that have extra gifts, talents and also the building a world where Werewolves and hunters could unite to live in harmony and work together.

A cause I think was justifiable and once again refreshing. Of Course we need our Villains. The villains played their parts well, hating to hate them, lol.. Fight and action scenes were great, and even giggled when Grandma strutted her stuff!!!! She was one new age lady!!! She was definelty not what you would think in your normally every day granny , this was a hoot.

I was relieved at the end, being the reader I am, the story being left open for more rivalry in book 2. I hope Descriptions well placed and I could envisage whilst reading!! Im a visual reader, and I like it when I can see scenes taking place and even character descriptions. I suppose it takes me into that part of the book! Overall I felt like the climax was well delivered, it had me slightly apprehensive, eager, keen and wandering where Heather would take it, but being a reader I was happy with the conclusion.

An intriguing, and mesmerizing, tale of werewolves, and hunters, unique of its own, a whirlwind of mystery and suspense, that will have you contemplating till the very end. An ending unpredictable by any means.


Dirty Blood



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