Plus it offers extra miter range, over the industry-standard of This saw will go 50 degrees, both left and right. This is great for more custom cutting needs and adds versatility to any project. Trim Molding This model from Dewalt can handle most types of trim molding. They placed the motor up high and at the back of the saw.

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Conclusion The design The unit is designed for functionality since the design makes it easy to use even for beginners. Just like other Dewalt saws, this unit is crafted impressively to make sure it gets the work done as required. One thing that many love about this Dewalt unit is its calibration.

Its miter plate is calibrated very accurately to make sure you can make the right adjustments as you work with the saw. This compound unit is not only durable but very strong as well. This is as a result of its high-quality materials used to make the saw. Versatile and very accurate When it comes to making better cuts, this unit is the best in its class. The unit does not only make great cuts, but it also enables you to make quick and accurate cuts without problems. When you need to tilt the blade to any of the sides, that is very simple as the unit allows you to move the blade to 48 degrees on both sides for better cutting.

The head-lock pin makes sure that the unit is locked in place when working and this means that you are less likely to make errors and boosts your cutting accuracy. Safety Like most Dewalt saws, this unit does not come with so many features but the ones available are enough for your safety as the machine runs. The blade guard is very transparent and is made of plastic to make sure you can watch the blade as it runs. Dust collection The machine comes with a dust bag to collect the wooden debris as you work.

It collects dust as soon as you cut to make sure that your blade does not have to deal with clogged debris on the way. Even if you will have to empty the bag more often, it works well. Motor The unit is quite powerful. It runs on a 15amp and up to rpm. The unit is powerful enough to generate enough power to handle any job available.

Whether you are an expert or a DIY homeowner, you can use the unit to work on various projects successfully. Warranty The manufacturer is so confident in his product. They offer a three-year warranty on the product. You also benefit from free services on the product one year after you have bought the machine and if it works badly, you can get your money back within 90 days. Thanks to its well-designed miter base, you can easily make accurate cuts without a single deviation.

This may sound irrelevant but the bare handle vibrates more than the cushioned ones. Conclusion If looking for a powerful and accurate woodworking tool with great features, you should consider this one. With the unit, you can be sure that it will serve you for many years without any problems at all. The good thing about the machine is that it needs no or little maintenance. Just read the above Dewalt dw 12 compound miter saw review and you are good to go.


DEWALT DW716 Review: Compound Miter Saw

Always remember that a careless fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict severe injury. A machine incorrectly assembled can cause serious injury. Knowledge is safety. Make sure the miter saw is placed on a secure supporting surface and does not slip or move during use.


Dewalt DW716 User Manual


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