Il manoscritto , di singolare ed eccezionale valore, fu da lei redatto verso il o subito dopo. Keller, di confezionarlo in tavole di gran formato. Ma non si tratta in alcun modo di una sequenza di conoscenze messe insieme. In questo Giardino del Paradiso le allieve di Herrad possono lasciarsi portare e raccogliervi il cibo della vita. In questo contesto compare il sapere nelle figure delle sette arti liberali , compaiono i rappresentanti della filosofia antica , Socrate e Platone.

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The Latin inscription reads: "Mons Hohenburc dellifer sic id est sublimus". Due to her support from the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa the abbey was extremely successful and powerful, as well as a source for reform.

At the abbey Herrad received the most comprehensive education available to women during the 12th century. As she grew older she rose to a high position in office at the abbey, and was soon put in charge of governing and educating her fellow nuns. Herrad was abbess for 28 years, and continued in that office until her death in Adelhaid of Faimingen was her successor. The original manuscript consisted of pages on parchment sheets. Its chief claim to distinction is the illustrations which adorn the text.

Many of these are symbolical representations of theological, philosophical, and literary themes; some are historical, some represent scenes from the actual experience of the artist, and one is a collection of portraits of her sisters in religion.

While other artists and writers contributed to the Hortus Deliciarum, it was largely compiled, written, and edited by Herrad. Many of the poems and hymns were written by Herrad, and it is speculated that much of the art was created under the direction of Herrad as well.

After having been preserved for centuries at Hohenburg Abbey, the manuscript of Hortus Deliciarum passed into the municipal library of Strasbourg about the time of the French Revolution. There the miniatures were copied by Christian Moritz Engelhardt and published by Cotta in Stuttgart in


Hortus apes

Philosophia et septem artes liberales Philosophy and the Seven Liberal Arts , as illustrated in Hortus deliciarum. Description of the illumination Hell, as illustrated in Hortus deliciarum. It is the first encyclopedia that was evidently written by a woman. It was finished in , and was one of the most celebrated illuminated manuscripts of the period.


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Hortus Deliciarum


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