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Heroine was too tortured and kept her secrets for way too long. Distinctly female. A faint sent, tickling at his senses. But there is something about her sent, something fresh, enticing in its elusiveness. Finally catching up with her , he approaches with caution. But there is a Killer out on the loose right now, someone is killing the strays in a brutal way, so they are moving shifters around to different safe houses, to keep the strays safe.

Now Lia is a very strong willed Stray - she has a past that no one could ever believe. She feels a slight pull whenever she looks deep into his eyes.

She goes willingly with Tate on their 2 day journey to the next safe house. The whole time Tate tries to talk to her, get her to loosen up a little, but she stays silent. Nothing as loud as this, not for this long has ever bothered her. No matter how she twisted away from him, or changed his pace, he was right there. Setting her senses warping from misery. When she finally had to put her hands over her ears, he actually got louder.

But when he laughed - he actually laughed at her! She lets her guard down for a few mins here and there. When they first pitch camp, deep in the woods, Tate is afraid to take his eyes off her. When Bertha leaves, he looks over to where Lia was sleeping, just a few yards over, but she was gone. He followed her. Her scent was so dim he could barely smell it, but he did smell a strong sense of Fear coming from her.

When Asher asks why she has the scent of another wolf on her arm, she tells him that Tate is the brother of the Alpha, if she can keep him alive, he can lead her to the Alpha - So Asher gives her another day And so the journey begins Jensen Tate, brother to Alpha and one of the generals of You know that uber satisfied feeling that you get when you have read a book that has managed to hit all those spots that crave to be petted and stroked when you immerse yourself in a good book?

A job that stirs up feelings that Tate has thought long since buried when he comes into contact with the half-starved, gritty, determined and surly Lia Crawford who seems to call out to the inner wolf inside of him to come out and stake its claim on the woman whose bewitching green eyes show remanents of a hidden fear so deep that it just about tears up Tate on the insides.

Lia knows that there is no turning back for her on the path she has chosen to walk and that neither is Tate supposed to be with her if what he and his brothers have worked so hard to bring about is to remain on course without the vicious hunters on her trail getting to them through her. For the safety of her sister Laurel, Lia is willing to do anything, even put up with the constant darkness that never seems to leave her life, always one step ahead, forcing her to accept the fact that she would never ever be a free woman of her own will.

Tate knows that Lia hides more than she is willing to let on and it drives him nuts trying to protect a woman whose sheer stubbornness alone makes him want to lay her down somewhere and make her forget the dead weight that she seems to carry on her shoulders. As their trek towards the next safe house continues, Tate comes face to face with the danger that stalks and preys on the absolute fear that it demands from Lia as he finally starts accepting the fact that Lia is his mate for life, if she can just trust him enough to protect her and save her from the evil that refuses to let go.

Deceiving the Protector is fantastic in all the ways that counts. The way Dee builds up her paranormal world, subtly bringing in the details in the midst of the character development is what drew me in.

The constant whirl of my thinking cap trying to figure out what would happen next was what I loved most about this paranormal romantic suspense and the reality and horrors behind what Lia underwent at the hands of mad men willing to rid the world of shifters anyway they can just left me with a bad taste in my mouth and shivers of the bad kind running up and down my spine.

Jensen Tate is a hero that practically invaded my heart as layer by layer his character unfolds, revealing a man of immense strength and beauty, though being called beautiful might piss Tate off and make him growl a bit before settling down, but nevertheless that is how I find him to be.

A man so worthy of tender touches and healing kisses, whose protective nature refuses to step back and let his mate be the protector instead, no matter how chauvinistic that might seem to be.

The reason why I fell so deeply for Tate is how he manages to gently draw out the hidden woman inside of Lia who has been cowering inside, afraid to show herself and refuses to let her return back to the shell of a woman she was before. His charming manner of telling a good story of course had me sighing all over the place and of course nekkid Tate is a sight to savored on its own.

Lia is a heroine who finds the strength to go on against all odds, a woman who has been on her own for so long that she finds the concept of accepting help a foreign one. Nevertheless, her fascination with Tate that continues to grow as they spend time together is one that refuses to be denied, and the need and desire that unfurls deep within her to claim his wolf as hers is one that continues taunt and tease her until she is ready to serve herself to Tate on silver platter.

How Dee does it I would never know, but let me tell you I loved every single minute of it! One minute I am practically drooling and panting over the explosive passion between Tate and Lia, the next I am immersed in tender emotions so deep that I just feel like curling into a ball and sighing in contentment and the next thing I know I am laughing out loud at the witty banter between Tate and Lia that never fails to amuse!

Highly recommended for fans of the series, fans of Dee Tenorio and fans of paranormal romantic suspense. The scent was finally clear. And it went straight to his head. Cool water. Rich earth. She could see the protector in him then, sense the hunter. Raw strength emanated from him in those moments, his intensity surrounding her, suffusing her. She could almost feel his arms around her, trying to pull her under his protection.

To know the next breath was coming, sure as the sunrise. Five-feet-five-inches of pure power. She could feel him savoring her, quaking at the feel of her claw tips sinking into his shoulders.

His eyes flickered, the gray color she loved having shifted to the glowing yellow of his Wolf. She smiled, bucking against his hold. He growled, drowning out her sigh. He squeezed tight, but she refused to be held back. She lifted up, rocking forward before sliding back down, savoring his groan against the beaded tips of her breasts. January 1, Mrs. I felt honest emotion throughout and felt for Lia and what she had to endure and what she had to hide from. I felt her despair, but also her overwhelming desire to protect her sister.

Tate was a fantastic hero. Strong, loyal, competent and protective. Lia, likewise was strong, determined and damaged but still with a heart. Tate and Lia together were smoldering, and the sexual tension was great. The villain was seriously creepy, and the shifter task force was so evil. The flashbacks we witness through Lia are heartbreaking and disturbing. This world that Dee Tenorio created is dark, violent and bloody.

Compelling, sinister and captivating. January 1, Tracy Great World and CharactersHis kind have been hunted since humans became aware of their existence. With shifter numbers decimated by federally funded death squads, and entire cultures wiped out as packs were destroyed, the Shifter Underground has stood as a beacon of hope and a trail to safety for strays everywhere.

A dangerous road, maybe, but one that l Great World and CharactersHis kind have been hunted since humans became aware of their existence. A dangerous road, maybe, but one that leads them to sanctuary.

To Resurrection. But evidence is pointing towards a grim truth. The Underground has been breached and a serial killer is slaughtering shifters along its carefully guarded trail of safe houses. The oracle is convinced that guarding her will lead to some nebulous treasure. That alone could see him dead. The longer she spends in his company, the closer they become, the more determined Lia is to protect the protector. But with a serial killer tracking them and the government hunting them, safe is a luxury neither Lia or Tate have, and sacrifice may be the only option left.

It upsets my completely anal retentive, OCD-esque linear mentality to embarrassing degrees and often makes it difficult for me to connect to the story. It made so much sense! Not a whole lotta willing suspension of disbelief needed to buy into that ugly version of reality.

I absolutely adored her mythos on wolf shifters as it was explained here. It had such a refreshing and unique logic to it all within the parameters of the paranormal, anyway , and there were some details provided that made me giddy as I was reading.

Or how males can be slavering beasts around females going through a heat cycle, and there are some nasty consequences to females because of it. On the flip side, it is the female who ultimately chooses a mate and the male is bound by that choice.

Loved that. In fact, there was much about the world and mythos that I adored. Tate was a great lead character and Lia was just the sort of female character I most admire. I thought she was wonderful. Tenorio struck a perfect balance between emotional intensity and physical intimacy, and worked in a few threads of humor to keep it consistent with the characters personalities and with the development of the storyline to that point.

Phenomenally well done. This book is almost exclusively a two wolf shifter story, that of Lia and Tate. That actually plays into another concern I had while reading. The focus of the book was very narrow. Beyond a flashback or two and an epilogue, the time frame for the entire book is just a couple of days, so the story ended up feeling a bit more like a snapshot of the road trip from hell than a fully developed and self-contained book. I would have preferred a bit more flesh on the bones of the story and a broader view given to some of the elements in it.

Given the pretty horrific casualties, a better explanation of how she fit into the master plan would have been helpful. Later Asher says he killed Laurel and took it off her then.

So how did Asher get the scarf? Laurel got away.


Deceiving The Protector

Green eyes watched him, almost the same color as the light-speckled leaves obscuring her face. Attraction kicked Tate in the gut hard, his body responding to that even glare so fast he just stopped himself from sucking a breath in through his teeth. Difficult not to like a woman smart enough to nearly get the jump on him. He came closer, keeping his posture relaxed. Had yet to blink even.



I felt that Lia deliberately placed him in danger by not being honest. Deceiving the Protector picks up about a year after the end of Tempting the Enemy. From the madman intent on t Favorite Lines: But there is a Killer out on the loose right now, someone is killing the strays in a brutal way, so they are moving shifters around to different safe houses, to keep the strays safe. Together, they learn what true mating really is and what it means to bond their souls to each other. Jenson Tate is a protector attempting to keep Lia safe from someone killing shifters. After a series of murders is discovered along the trail of the Shifter Underground, wolf soldier Jensen Tate is assigned to find and protect a missing stray. Refresh and try again.


Deceiving the Protector

However, like most things, nothing is ever that easy. Want to Read saving…. Rancho del Cielo — 1. Scary and intimidating as hell. Deceiving the Protector Each has many secrets they must also protect. Return to Book Page. How Dee does it I would never know, but let me tell you I loved every single minute of it!

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