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Up NR Advertising the project in trade publications, and submitting a copy of the advertisement and evidence of publishing to DNR. NR Arrange timeframes for contracts and establish delivery schedules when possible in a way that encourages and facilitates participation by DBEs in the competitive process, including posting solicitations for bids or proposals for at least 30 calendar days before the bid or proposal closing date, when possible.

Divide total project requirements into smaller tasks or quantities, when economically feasible, to permit maximum participation by DBEs in the competitive process. Use the services and assistance of the federal small business administration and the minority business development agency of the department of commerce.

Use required federal forms when applicable. Include in project bidding documents DBE information prescribed by the department. Solicit DBEs certified under the unified certification program or by the U. This paragraph does not apply to any recipient that awards contracts to MBEs or WBEs or both in an amount equal to or greater than the applicable fair share objectives. Fair share objectives means the percentage of participation in project costs by MBEs and WBEs that can be reasonably procured.

Fair share objectives are determined by the department as negotiated with and agreed to by the U. The department shall only provide financial assistance for costs that are eligible and reasonable. The department may consider the scope of work, conditions unique to the project, and any other factors affecting costs.

This subsection applies to construction contracts or subcontracts awarded by recipients for any construction activity. The scored project work shall be performed under one or more contracts awarded by the recipient to private firms except for force account work authorized by sub. Each contract shall be a fixed or unit price contract, or a time and expense contract, unless the department gives advance written approval for the recipient to use some other acceptable type of contract.

In any event, the cost—plus—a—percentage—of— cost type contract may not be used. The recipient shall secure a fair and reasonable price for each contract change order, and submit each change order and all associated backup documentation to the department construction management engineer within 90 days of execution of the change order, or, for change orders executed 90 days or more prior to submittal of the CWFP application, within 30 days of the date on which DNR receives the application.

The department may require that all change orders for a project funded under this chapter be approved by the department. Register June No. The department may reimburse eligible project costs previously paid by the municipality from its internal funds, if the reimbursement is in compliance with applicable U.

The department shall calculate interest rates in accordance with s. If a scored project contains eligible costs from more than one of the categories, and s.

Each eligible cost that can be allocated, based on its purpose, exclusively to any one of the categories in sub. Each eligible cost that cannot be allocated to a particular category, shall be divided among the categories based on the portion of the design flow of the project that is attributable to each category. The recipient shall allow department representatives access to records of contractors and subcontractors pertinent to the project for the purpose of inspections, examinations, excerpts, copies, and transcriptions.

The recipient shall also allow DOA access to records for audits. Failure of the recipient to promptly initiate project work may be deemed a breach of the financial assistance agreement. The recipient shall make the final principal payment no later than 20 years after the date of the financial assistance agreement.

Develop an operation and maintenance manual that addresses all of the following areas, as applicable to the collection system, including all treatment works facilities outside of the fence of the wastewater treatment plant, or to the wastewater treatment plant, including all treatment works facilities inside the fence of the wastewater treatment plant, or to the entire treatment works:.


Toribio aclara que decreto 162-11 no complica exenciones





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