This will set the background color of the whole figure when printing. The default is white. When displaying the figure with GIF viewers that support Transparent GIF such as Netscape Navigator , for example , the color will not appear but the background of the viewer will show through in place of the color. This menu button will only appear for GIF export. The default is None. Default Filename Output will be written to this file if Output Filename is empty.

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The default fig-file and out-file are standard input and standard output, respectively Xfig Facility for Interactive Generation of figures is a screen-oriented tool which runs under the X Window System, and allows the user to draw and manipulate objects interactively. This version of fig2dev is compatible with xfig versions 1. Xfig version 3. Notes: dvips and xdvi must be compiled with the tpic support -DTPIC for epic, eepic and tpic to work. You must have ghostscript and ps2pdf, which comes with the ghostscript distribution to get the pdf output and the bitmap formats png, jpeg, etc.

With -rangelist, keep all depths except those in the list. The rangelist may be a list of comma-separated numbers or ranges separated by colon :. Thus the generated document might have a much larger bounding box than necessary. If -K is given then the bounding box is adjusted to include only those objects in the selected depths.

Specify thin, or thin and thick line spacing in one of several units. For example, -G. Specifying -G 1in draws a thin line every 1 inch. Fractions may be used, e. Allowable units are: i, in, inch, f, ft, feet, c, cm, mm, and m. The default is 1. This may not be used with the maxdimension option -Z. If there is no scaling, the default font is eleven point Roman. This may not be used with the magnification option -m. A value of 2 for smoothfactor provides some smoothing and 4 provides more.

This must be specified in the same format that ppmmake 1 allows. It may allow an X11 color name, but at least you may use a six-digit hexadecimal RGBvalue using the sign, e. Valid values are 0 - , with the default being Normally, arrowheads are pointed, so fig2dev compensates for this by moving the endpoint of the line back so the tip of the arrowhead ends where the original endpoint of the line was.

The output to DXF is experimental. All four numbers are in inches and follow -d in a comma-separated list - xll,yll,xur,yur - with no spaces between them. The default is landscape mode. The width and height of arrowheads is divided by this factor. By default, fig2dev sets all 5 font parameters when it puts some text. With this option on, you can set the font from your LaTeX document. If any of the pictures included in your LaTeX document has been generated with -F, then all pictures must be generated with this option.

The default is rm. The default is 2. In other words, the output file can be formatted without requiring any changes. If this option is not set, then rotated text will be set horizontally. The default is See also the -l option above. If LineThick is set to 2, normal lines will be drawn in 0.

Due to this problem, variable line width is disabled by default -w. The table must have 36 entries - one for each font plus a default. Each entry consists of 5 numbers which specify the 1. The table must have 21 entries - one for each of the area fill patterns. The table must have 9 entries - one for each color plus a default.

Each entry consists of 2 numbers which specify the 1. This allows you to write on the top surface of overhead transparencies without disturbing the plotter ink on the bottom surface. The -a option selects the alternate paper size. Fig2dev does not fill closed splines. The -c option selects the alternate instruction set. Also affects the size of dots in dotted line style. LaTeX cannot accurately represent all the graphics objects which can be described by Fig.

For example, the possible slopes which lines may have are limited. Some objects, such as spline curves, cannot be drawn at all. Fig2latex chooses the closest possible line slope, and prints error messages when objects cannot be drawn accurately.

Any Fig object except compound objects may used for this. Usually, besides generating the map file, you would also generate a PNG file, which is the image to which the map refers. After the map file is generated by fig2dev you will need to edit it to fill out any additional information it may need. The magnification can be further changed with the -m option or by giving magnification options to mf.

The default is ypos. The default is 0. The default is 8.


Convert x_t to step

Yodal A negative value shifts the figure up and a positive value down. More precisely, the figure should represent a number line, but the pdf file did not contain any numbers, just the line. If not set or its value is null then no PS file will be inserted. By default, only two line widths are available: The includegraphics commands in the output file refer to this directory. Suggestions for pstex Minihot as a student practice Universite Bordeaux, France.


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