McKinley honestly shares his own fears and rookie mistakes, along with encouraging stories of how God moved at Guilford Baptist. In the Logos edition, this volume is enhanced by amazing functionality. Important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps.

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Mar 15, Scott Guillory rated it really liked it Highly recommended if you are planting a church from scratch or revitalizing an existing church. Very informative, honest, and humorous. Jan 30, Eilidh rated it it was amazing This book is both pretty hilarious and profoundly helpful.

Mike McKinley walks us through his experience of church revitalisation - what worked, what didnt, how God used the various experiences to glorify Himself. Not so much a how to as a how we did, there is lots of encouragement to be gained as well as pointers in how a church in its early life could proceed. Being involved in a church plant currently, I found the book a bit scary in places as well as super-encouraging in others. Its not a This book is both pretty hilarious and profoundly helpful.

Even if you are not involved in a church plant or revitalisation project, I think this is an important little book for Christians to read: whilst McKinley is himself part of the network of churches that associates with the 9Marks movement, the Acts29 movement currently headed up by Matt Chandler promotes being involved with church planting as being a sign of a healthy church.

Therefore I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Where I am in the journey of planting chapter 3 proved most beneficial. The call to remember the importance of preparation to preach the Word is often overlooked when starting a new church. I appreciated the authors candor in drawing us back to what matters most. However, I almost put the book down one chapter in because of the tone in which parts were written. Unfortunately that Overall the book was rather enjoyable.

Unfortunately that tone, while it shifted some, kept creeping back in to the chapters. A very easy read. I have to say that this book read more like a church revitalization than a church plant but it still had great information in it for the person who is looking to plant a new church or revitalize an existing church. The pastor who wrote this book has a Baptist background not that that means anything.

Church revitalization is different than church planting. Revitalization has to do with coming into a pre-existing church and bringing new life to it. Overall the book was well written and there is some great information that I will be using for myself in the future.

This is a great book for anyone leaning towards church planting or church revitalization. It is a consistent reminder that churches gain life through the Spirit working through the faithful preaching of the Word. Pastors dont need to be superstars who never make mistakes. They need to be faithful in leading their churches to follow the basics of what the Bible teaches that churches are to do.



Well, I am aware at the outset that I bear the same burden. Despite what my mom thinks, I am probably not destined to be a famous preacher or conference speaker. I am not writing this book to help you build a giant church or to advocate a technique that guarantees wild success. I have learned that God uses messed-up people like me and you to plant churches that look utterly unremarkable to the world. The marvelous thing is that, in his kindness, God does amazing things through those churches. Do we have a deal?



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