Product Installation Celotex Tempchek TD products should be installed in accordance with these instructions Ensure that joist spacing is at no more than mm centres and that the dimension of the joist is sufficient to span and accept additional loads. If asphalt weathering is to be used, joists should be at no more than mm centres. Install the insulation boards, ensuring that the long edges are parallel to the line of the joists. Where boards butt together, bed onto twin beads of vapour sealant wide enough to accommodate this arrangement.

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The thinnest product manufactured by Celotex, TB is a high performance, rigid polyisocyanurate PIR insulation board specifically designed to address thermal bridging and reduce localised heat losses. It can be used throughout a building project to help maintain continuity of the insulation envelope, and is suited to floor , wall and roof systems.

Specific applications include perimeter upstand insulation in ground floors and lining door and window reveals in retrofit projects. Made at our original site in Hadleigh or our state-of-the-art facility in Eggborough opened in , it can help you achieve reliable, long-term energy savings.

How does TB perform? The entire thickness range offers a low thermal conductivity lambda value of 0. Use our online and mobile U-value calculators to help you find the most efficient solution for each type of construction. Check our frequently asked questions for common queries about positioning and installing products correctly, or contact our technical services team.

Like all Celotex products, TB is a thermal insulation solution that can that help to meet energy use and carbon dioxide emissions targets set by national building regulations. Board size: x mm Thickness : mm Lambda: 0. With regard to timber frame dwellings up to 18m in height, the BBA certification assessed thermal performance, condensation risk, water resistance and durability.

With regard to pitched roofs, the BBA certification assessed thermal performance, condensation risk and durability.

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Flat Roof Insulation

Suitable applications include: Ground floors - whether solid concrete, block and beam, or suspended timber joist, and including where underfloor heating is used. Timber and steel framed walls - between and across the face of studs. Pitched roofs - between and across the face of rafters. Flat roofs - in ventilated cold roof constructions, installed from inside the building. Other retrofit and refurbishment projects - lining existing timber and masonry structures to make them more thermally efficient.


Celotex TD4000 Flat Roof - Plywood Bonded Boards

Download Spec mm Celotex TD provides a quick and easy way to achieve effective thermally insulated flat roof decks for building structures such as small extensions or garage roofs where there will only be occasional trafficking. TD features a foil faced rigid PIR polyisocyanurate board, to give the best insulation value possible, bonded to a facing of 5. This allows the user to install the roof structure in one operation since the product provides the deck, insulation and vapour control layer thereby considerably reducing installation times ahead of weatherproofing. Boards are manufactured using blowing agents that have zero ozone depletion potential ODP and low global warming potential GWP. Application: Celotex TD is purpose designed for use in light traffic flat roof applications: ventilated, lead covered, warm flat roofs flat roof insulating decks Ideal for use in occasionally trafficked applications Three-in-one product to provide deck, vapour control layer and insulation Celotex TD Provides warm roof construction due to over joist installation Is rapidly installed and weatherproofed TD accepts a wide variety of weathering systems Provides reliable long term energy savings for buildings Future proofs the energy performance of new and existing buildings Thickness:.

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