And the late writer Arthur Koestler , who died three months to the day prior to the UK release of The Police album Synchronicity via suicide — more about that in a bit — was struck by these theories and decided to expound upon them in his book The Roots of Coincidence, one that appears to be out of print but available in used form at Amazon. Journalist Arthur Koestler , a particularly fascinating 20th century figure and Hungarian Jew who spent time in a horrific fascist prison during the Spanish Civil War in which he wrote about in Dialogue with Death and an incident I noted here in my Dust Devil Dreams post " Oh mi corazon " , wrote the powerful anti-Stalinism novel Darkness at Noon and would later embrace psychic phenomena and mysticism. Writing over at Popdose. Regardless, Koestler brings up some fascinating subjects and idea throughout The Roots of Coincidence.

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Start your review of The Roots of Coincidence Write a review Shelves: not-the-whole-truth , donalds-are-trumps A remarkable coincidence that just occurred. Yesterday afternoon, we were shopping at the local supermarket. It was a place where the checkout girls use name tags; the one serving us was called Miranda.

Richard Gott. Opening it at random to page , the first paragraph my eye alighted on was the following: Astronomers broke with tradition and named all the moons of Uranus for fictional characters from English literature. One of them, Miranda, I chose for the name of my own daughter, except that at the time I knew of the name only from the moons of Uranus.

About a minute later, we reached the church where the concert was being held. In the very next paragraph, two people were walking together and one of them pointed out an object which looked like an exclamation mark.

Wondering what it might be, I guessed it could have something to do with Madame Blavatsky, though I thought she was theosophical rather than anthroposophical. But the next day, her name turned up in a novel she was reading. Looking back over my last year of status updates, it is the only one which contains the word "Hawking". I am pretty sure I had not looked at reviews of Lolita for at least the preceding year, and the "Lolita" who voted for my review is neither a friend nor a follower.

I have rarely seen such convincing evidence for the awesome power of synchronicity.


The Roots of Coincidence

Life[ edit ] [Koestler] began his education in the twilight of the Austro-Hungarian Empire , at an experimental kindergarten in Budapest. His mother was briefly a patient of Sigmund Freud. In interwar Vienna he wound up as the personal secretary of Vladimir Jabotinsky , one of the early leaders of the Zionist movement. Fighting in the Spanish Civil War , he met W. Afraid of being caught by the Gestapo while fleeing France, he borrowed suicide pills from Walter Benjamin. He took them several weeks later when it seemed he would be unable to get out of Lisbon, but he did not die.


Arthur Koestler



BOOK REVIEW: "The Roots of Coincidence" by Arthur Koestler




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