The Technical Infrastructure plan is over budget and behind schedule. The project manager does not understand why the project is delayed given that the overall project progress shows that the project is on schedule and under budget so far. Since both activities are equally critical the project success, a delay in either one will delay the entire project. Ariba Implementation At Med-x Managing Earned Value Case Study A separate earned value analysis of the individual plans showed us that the Software Customization plan is ahead of schedule and under budget and is, therefore, overshadowing the fact that the Technical Infrastructure Lana is not performing well and is delayed and over-budget. The project is actually delayed by 9 days at the current time. Statement Of the Problem When managing a project, one might easily focus on the whole process and ignore important details necessary for project completion.

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If we see the monthly combined performance, it is increasing in every month from May to October. As far as rolling ratio is concerned it shows control ratio based on scheduled and cost impact that shows 1.

Afterwards, it is increased as software customization performed well. Terry Baker idea about the prefect Terry Baker was disappointed and had the idea of the project which was not in the plan, then with the help of Christopher Martin project manager of Implementation Technologies , he reviewed the full life cycle of e-procurement by examining the earned value of the project which is used in the analysis.

The problem which was identified was that as some of the part-time staff left the project in the early time of the new project, then in late June due to some Sun server problem the project was delayed.

Terry was not paying attention to how each individual task was progressing, but rather was looking from a higher level. These situations led to the delay in project within the time span of May through October.

How much longer will project take? Every successful project requires set of processes to conduct the planned project. The project is oneadditional month beyond the estimated completion date November. Martin can allocate some of the staff from the software customization side of the project to help with the technical side which is running behind schedule. If there are not enough people that could help, ashe is still under budget, then he can use some of the remaining budget to hire some part-time staff as well in order tospeed up the project.

He can also align incentives of finishing the project faster by creating an extrinsic motivation by finishing allocation some of the budgets to give bonuses for finishing the technical infrastructure ahead of schedule Martin Efforts to prevent delays in project timeline In order to prevent from delaying in project timeline, three types of phases were used: Development Test Production Firstly, changes were made in development part, then combined to perform the test and finally results were implemented by production system and these major steps were performed alongside or continuously…………… This is just a sample partial work.

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Ariba Implementation at MED-X: Managing Earned Value Case Solution & Answer



Ariba Implementation at MED-X: Managing Earned Value


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