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The coverall is a one-piece design that has a front entry zippered closure, a drop seat, an extraction strap located at the upper back, and pockets located on the left sleeve, chest, right and left sides, right and left front hips, right and left upper thigh, and right and left lower legs. All pockets have slide-fastener closures. Jacket, cold-weather. The jacket is single-breasted with a front slide-fastener closure and an inside protective flap. The back has a yoke-and-retrieval strap opening with a hook-and-pile closure. The left sleeve has a utility and pencil pocket, and the sleeves have elbow patches.

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Sasho Personnel wear the sun hat straight on the head at that the web band creates a straight line around the head, parallel to the ground. Devices that are conspicuous, excessive, or decorative are prohibited. The tan undershirt is worn underneath the coat; it is tucked inside the trousers at all times.

Males are prohibited from wearing wigs or hairpieces while in uniform, or in civilian clothes on duty, except to cover natural baldness or physical disfiguration caused by accident or medical procedure. The elbow pouch hook-and-loop closure for internal elbow pad inserts must be closed at all times. Wigs, if worn in uniform or in civilian clothes on duty, must look natural and conform to this regulation. Sewn-on or pinned-on rank is worn on the sun hat.

The sleeve cuffs on the combat uniform coat are not authorized to be rolled inside the coat. Sole not to exceed 2 inches in height, when measured from the bottom of the outsole, and will not extend up the back of the heel or boot or over the top of the toe 8. The mandarin collar will be normally worn in the down position. Soldiers awarded the Special Forces tab, but not branched Special Forces, will only wear the green beret while assigned to a Special Forces unit or position.

If worn, males will keep mustaches neatly trimmed, tapered, and tidy. Personnel will cut off the ends of the adjusting ribbon and secure the ribbon knot inside the edge binding at the back of the beret. The wear-out date of the foliage green micro fleece cap is 30 —1 Hair that is completely shaved or trimmed closely to the scalp is authorized.

Bangs, if worn, may not fall below the eyebrows, may not interfere with the wear of all headgear, must lie neatly against the head, and not be visible underneath the front of the headgear. The length and bulk of the hair may not be excessive and must present ra neat and conservative appearance.

The sun hat will not be worn a, formed, shaped, blocked, or with an upturned brim. Personnel will wear the approved flash of the unit to which they are assigned. However, if the helmet is worn during physical training, hair must be secured using guidelines in paragraph 3—2a 3 a through k. It is designed to be worn next to the skin, without a t-shirt, in hot weather. Some combat uniforms are classified utility uniforms, while others are designed for a specific function.

The pony tail is not required to be worn above the collar. When braids, twists, or cornrows are not worn loosely and instead worn close to the scalp, they may stop at one consistent location of the head and must follow the natural direction of the hair when worn back, is either in general straight lines following the shape of the head or flowing with the natural direction of the hair when worn back with one primary part in the hair see 3—2a 1 c.

AR Chapter 4: Combat Uniform Ensemble — Female Soldiers who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or nursing may be able to obtain a temporary medical profile to af non-permethrin treated combat uniforms, in accordance with the policies and procedures contained in AR 40— The following care instructions must be followed when caring for the combat uniform to maximize the service life and maintain optimum performance.

The hair on top of the head must be neatly groomed. Braids, cornrows, or twists that distinctly protrude up or out from the head are not authorized. Soldiers may not wear hairnets unless they are required for health or safety reasons, or in the performance of duties such as those in a dining facility.

Permanent infrared feedback squares affixed to each shoulder for nighttime identification will be covered when insignia are not worn on the pocket flaps. Hairstyles that do not allow the headgear to be worn in this are prohibited. The left shoulder sleeve is equipped with hook and loop for the subdued U. When hair securing devices are worn, they will comply with the guidelines set in paragraph 3—2a xr e.

Soldiers are authorized to wear the mandarin collar in the up position when wearing body armor or when weather conditions dictate the wear, as prescribed by the commander. It be worn tucked into the trousers. Hair and Fingernail Standards and Grooming Policies. Figure 4—3 shows wear of the beret. Have confidence that they are compliant. Some versions of the combat uniform are not intended for wear as an all-purpose uniform.

If appropriate medical authority allows beard growth, the maximum length at for medical treatment must be specific. Wigs are not authorized to cover up unauthorized hairstyles. All personnel assigned to Airborne units whose primary missions are Airborne operations wear the maroon beret. Sideburns will not be styled to taper, flair, or come to a point. When headgear is worn, hair should not protrude at distinct angles from under the edges.

Rubber and polyether polyurethane are the only outsole materials that are authorized 7. Short hair is defined as hair length that extends no more than 1 inch from the scalp excluding bangs. When bloused, the trousers should not extend below the third eyelet from the top of the boot.

A single pony tail centered on the back of the head is authorized in physical fitness uniforms only when within the scope of physical training, except when considered a safety hazard. The coat may also be worn inside the when directed by the commander that is, when wearing the outer tactical vest, mission oriented protective posture gear, and so forth.

The Army combat shirt is designed to provide flame xr for individual Soldiers, while maximizing breathability, moisture management, and comfort when worn as a system including interceptor body armor and FR combat uniform trousers or aircrew combat uniform trousers. Female hairstyles may not be eccentric or faddish and will present a conservative, professional appearance. Mustaches will not present a chopped off or bushy appearance, and ae portion of the mustache will cover the upper lip line, extend sideways beyond a vertical line drawn upward from the corners of the mouth see lines C and D of fig 3—1or extend above a parallel line at the lowest portion of the nose see line B of fig 3—1.

The illustrations provided in figure 3—3 are intended only to clarify language regarding authorized hair lengths and bulks. Hair holding devices are authorized only for the purpose of securing the hair. Females will comply with the cosmetics policy while in any military uniform or while in zr clothes on duty. Related Posts


SHADOW UCB (AR670-1) Coyote

Vijar Army Sergeants Major Academy. This requirement does not apply to the patrol cap. The wear-out date of the foliage green micro fleece cap is 30 September Hair and Fingernail Standards and Grooming Policies. Long hair is defined as hair length that extends beyond the lower edge the collar.


AR 6701-1 PDF

JoJokora The black beret is not the standard headgear for wear with the combat uniform. The knee pouch with hook-and-loop closure for internal knee pad inserts and bellowed calf storage pocket with the hook-and-loop closure on the left and right legs will be worn closed at all times. The commander will provide the hairnet at no cost to the Soldier. Eccentric, exaggerated, or faddish cosmetic styles and colors, to include makeup designed to cover tattoos, are inappropriate with the uniform and are prohibited. Short hair is defined as hair length that extends no more than 1 inch from the scalp excluding bangs. The combat uniform is authorized for year-round duty wear by Soldiers, when prescribed by the commander. Made of tan or coyote flesh-side out cattle hide leather 4.


Is there an AR 670-1 AR-15?

It serves as the outline for general uniform wear, with reference to more detail regulations for particular items and their individual regulations. Updated in June , the latest Army Regulation replaced seven previous regulations dating back as far as July One such pamphlet, DA PAM outlines regulations for sleeve length, colors, accessory options, which tops and bottoms go together, and other details of the various styles of uniforms, from dress to combat, including how and where to display medals and ribbons and other details. Among the regulations are the requirements for which boots are acceptable to be worn with the Army Combat Uniform ACU. The Army issues boots, but soldiers are also allowed to purchase and wear their own so long as they are within uniform standards. The boots must be between 8 to 10 inches in height and made of tan flesh-side out cattlehide leather, with a plain toe and a soling system matching the color of the tan upper materials.


AR 670-1: Chapter 11: Combat Vehicle Crewman Uniform

Akigore ad Leaders at all levels must exercise good judgment when interpreting and enforcing this policy. Faddish and exaggerated styles, to include shaved portions of the scalp other than the neckline, designs cut in the hair, unsecured ponytails except during physical trainingand unbalanced or lopsided hairstyles are prohibited. Soldiers may wear the hood of the cold-weather coat at their option. When worn loose, such hairstyles must be worn per medium hair length guidelines or secured to the head in the same manner as described for medium or long length hair styles. The draw string will not be worn over the top of the sun hat. The requirements for hair regulations are to maintain uniformity within a military population for female Soldiers while in uniform, or in civilian clothes on duty, unless otherwise specified.

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