Shelves: beat-the-backlist , uno-claire , claire-with-cloack-and-dagger , reading I was not very impressed by the book. I found it often too far fetched, unnecessary complicated and sometimes lacking a good pace. They are more about politics than murder, so I was surprised by Almost Blue, which features some very gruesome murders. Set in modern Bologna, this book focuses on a someone who is killing students at the University of Bologna. A young female detective named Grazia Negro is on the case. As the corpses pile up in Bologna, the result of a serial killer, Simone realizes that he has heard the murderer speak to one of his victims.

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Eschewing the whodunit format, Lucarelli uses a triptych of first-person narrators: the detective, the witness, and the murderer. The detective, Inspettore Grazia Negro, is a hard-boiled noir type whose resolve might make Sam Spade feel nervous.

She is also the only woman in the homicide unit, which is housed, ironically, in an archaic disused monastery. A serial killer is on the loose, but the witnesses claim to have seen what appears to be a collection of different people. Across the city, Simone Martini, blind since birth, never leaves his attic room but inhabits a crowded world. A tech guru, the reclusive Simone eavesdrops on local mobile phones and radios.

Using every sense except sight and revising the vocabulary of the visual, he creates a surreal universe reminiscent of Cubist paintings and Modernist fiction. For the sound of the idea contained in them. Green, with that harsh r sound that scratches and flares its way out of the middle of the word, is the colour of something that scathes and burns, like the sun.

But blue, on the other hand, is the colour of beauty. For example, for me, a pretty girl might have blonde hair, but a truly beautiful girl would be barefoot, brave, and have blue hair. Reviewed by Rebecca Nesvet, October


Almost Blue

Stile libero", Einaudii, pp. Un assassino si reincarna nelle sue vittime, e corre per le strade con le orecchie colme di rock metallico. Un thriller nervoso e impeccabile dal quale Alex Infascelli ha tratto il proprio film omonimo. Chet Baker. Prima della sua voce velata, il singhiozzo del braccio del giradischi che si stacca dalla forcella, il sibilo della puntina.


Almost Blue (romanzo)




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