You will stay here and work in this house as my servant, as Maria worked for your brother, and I shall take you as and when I please, as he took her. I approve of that. Our time together should prove more pleasurable than I anticipated! All rights reserved.

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You will stay here and work in this house as my servant, as Maria worked for your brother, and I shall take you as and when I please, as he took her.

I approve of that. Our time together should prove more pleasurable than I anticipated! All rights reserved. Philippine copyright Australian copyright Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without the permission of the publisher, Harlequin Enterprises Limited, Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9.

All the characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names. They are not even distantly inspired by any individual known or unknown to the author, and all the incidents are pure invention. Printed in U. It worries you that it has not come? You have only to let us know. Not that she was sure she wanted to stay on in Heraklion even though the hotel was cheap and friendly and spotlessly clean.

As she had another ten days to spend on Crete, she might as well make the most of them and travel further afield— especially if Mike continued to be conspicuous by his absence. He was and always had been the limit, she reminded herself ruefully as she helped herself to fresh bread rolls, and poured orange juice into her glass.

This prolonged visit to Crete was part of a postgraduate study he was doing, and it had been his own idea that Gemma should join him for a holiday, instead of making one of a party to Ibiza with some of the women she worked with. You could do the touristy things for a couple of days, then come and see the real Crete with me. She knew Mike was there to work, and if he was too busy to get away, and regretting his rash suggestion then all he had to do was say so.

There was plenty she could do. If Gemma cared to share the petrol costs, she was welcome to go with them, and she was sorely tempted. As she turned away from the buffet with her food, she saw James and Hilary waving madly at her from a table in the corner of the room, and went over to join them. Hilly, of course, stuck virtuously to ouzo and is fine.

He told me so. He says you should be able to walk the five kilometres or so to Knossos like they used to do in the old days—two big strong girls like you. In fact, you and Takis have a lot in common, and you can spend a lovely day together drinking coffee under the awning and discovering what it is while Gemma and I acquire some culture. He had a point, Gemma thought as she and Hilary threaded their way along the busy streets leading to the harbour a little while later.

Only idiot tourists rushed round risking sunstroke. The tables in the shade of the pavement cafes were already doing a roaring trade, she saw, and the aroma of coffee and cooking food mingled with the all pervasive fumes from the traffic.

All around them worry beads clicked in an eternal rhythm, and voices hummed and rose on notes of laughter or expostulation. There never seemed to be any muttered conversations, Gemma thought with amusement. If a Greek wanted you to know something, he let you have it full blast. They were equally uninhibited in other ways too, she reminded herself, aware of the frankly appreciative dark-eyed glances pursuing Hilary and herself as they walked along.

At home she would have found such openly expressed admiration both embarrassing and a nuisance. Here, it was distinctly heartwarming to be regarded as if you were Aphrodite rising from the waves. To their surprise, the Knossos bus was already there and filling up when they arrived.

They found seats without difficulty, and paid the few drachmas for the fare. They were both quiet as they set off, Hilary checking the cartridge in her camera, and Gemma wondering what it must have been like to have been part of the Athenian tribute to King Minos, and to have started the weary trudge in the sun to Knossos knowing that danger and probable death awaited them there.

She was very glad, she thought, that she lived in the s instead of a couple of thousand years B. As journeys went it was relatively dull, the bus passing through the usual urban sprawl. Hilary mentioned the projected trip to the White Mountains and asked if Gemma had given it any further thought. Perhaps this mountain retreat of his has no telephone, or the mail only gets delivered once a month.

How about that? She glanced round, aware of an unusual stir. But I must admit it is a beautiful car— Italian, I think. It must have cost a fortune. Hilary shrugged. Not even the inevitable coating of Cretan dust could detract from its sleek, powerful lines. The top was down, so she was afforded a full view of the driver, but she was not particularly impressed, she told herself.

He was undoubtedly Greek, black haired and olive-skinned. His eyes were masked by sun glasses, but they did not disguise the fact that he was classically, almost startlingly good-looking. In fact, Gemma allowed judiciously, he would almost have been beautiful, but for the tough uncompromising lines of his mouth and chin. She thought that he must be aware of the fact that he was under close scrutiny from the bus, but preferred to appear arrogantly unaware of the fact.

I used to be that way myself, then I met James and within a month we were engaged. There was traffic edging down the road all the time, and in spite of herself, Gemma found she was watching out for an opulent dark blue sports car.

There were trees and shade, and Gemma saw that people were moving more slowly, talking more quietly, as if in respect of the fact they were present in one of the ancient places of the earth. Even Hilary seemed subdued as they walked up the causeway towards the Palace ruins. It was all so much vaster than Gemma had imagined and not even the amount of restoration work which had been carried out, and the crowds of people wandering about could affect the power of its atmosphere.

By mutual consent, they decided not to attach themselves to any of the official tours which were being conducted round. Instead they walked quietly through the remnants of corridors and courtyards, past the remains of sacrificial altars, trying to come to terms with the size of the place.

They looked at restored frescoes, glowing in the brilliant sun, and wandered through dark state chambers where once King Minos and his Queen had sat in splendour. It was while they were standing studying the fresco of the Lily-Prince that Gemma first felt they were being watched.

She told herself she was being silly. There were dozens of other people around, all doing the same thing as themselves. It was the young Priest-King with his plumes and flowing locks which was the real centre of attention, as a casual glance around confirmed.

All the same she was glad to be back in the open air again. Hilary looked around at the clustering hills and tall cypresses which bordered the enclosure fence like sentinels. It was a symbol of how powerful and mighty the Cretan empire was. People came here to pay their respects, not attack.


Alien Vengeance

And yet within hours she was falling into his arms, begging him to make love to her—exactly as Andreas had so arrogantly promised she would! Orders placed on Fridays will be shipped the following Monday. View all 14 comments. Craven made the place Crete and the customs of the people almost as much a character as our H and h.


Alien Vengeance / Dark Paradise

Start your review of Alien Vengeance Write a review Shelves: hqn-presents , forced-seduction , genre-contemporary , locale-greece , lots-o-crazy-funtimes , wallbanger , why-do-i-like-this , what-is-wrong-with-me , dubious-consent , hero-dominate-alpha Much, much less traumatic for me than Dark Summer Dawn. This was what I expect from a SC. Seriously, there are at least 3 or 4 of her novels that are almost exactly the same. The first one I read I rated a 4, because it was fresh with the crazy and yay! Who knows which of those is really the best. I think it Much, much less traumatic for me than Dark Summer Dawn. I think it depends on which one you read first.

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