Gakree The words in this dictionary were divided into verbs, nouns, adjective, etc. Buy More Save More. One of the special features of Al-Mawrid Dictionary is that different meanings under one entry are arranged chronologically, according to the historical period of la-mawrid. Munir Baalbaki and Dr.

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Android Convenient Search Methods Dictionary interface contains 5 powerful search options to find exactly what you need: headword, wildcard, full text search, as well as search for similar words and anagrams. One-tap Translation Cross-referenced definitions take you from one entry to another with a simple tap on a word in the current entry.

Flash Cards Integrated flashcard tests reinforce learning! Description This is the popular up-to-date dictionary that provides clearly written definitions for the most commonly used words in the English language today.

More than 90, entries. Thousands of definitions have been revised in rapidly changing fields such as telecommunications and information technology. Among the main features of this dictionary is that it lists meanings, wherever applicable, based on their historical development; classifies meaning into groups within the entries; divides each entry based on the parts of speech; assigns a distinct Arabic equivalent for each individual sense; abounds with illustrative example; and marks each entry with end-of-line divisions.

It is the ideal dictionary for school, college, home or office. You can now copy as many words as you need while reading — even the whole text, - switch back to the dictionary app and view all the relevant dictionary entries one-by-one. Graphics fully adapted for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. App startup has got 3 times faster!


Al-mawrid Al-hadeeth



Al Mawrid Al Hadeeh: Modern English Arabic Dictionary


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