Daigul Puthali rated it it was ok Oct 11, She qkty the most dimensions. Self hating Jew at his finest The end was so forced as to make the whole book a waste of time. Religion boils down to the notion that my god is better than your god and therefore I am a better person than you. The characterization aiary it difficult to accept any character. Open Preview See a Problem?

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I just loved everything about the relationship between Timothy and Deborah - the way it began, the manner in which it was consummated, and their eventual reconciliation. I did wish Erich Segal had done a better job showing how Deborah and Tim went from barely acquaintances to a romantic attachment for each other.

I felt the author did a decent job portraying the Jewish and Catholic faiths. The exploration of faith and how one hews to it Deborah or not Daniel is always an interesting thing to explore. I liked how the author showed that our background has a profound effect on us later in life, even if we try hard to submerge it, as Daniel did.

I also liked the presentation of how Deborah was able to overcome the prejudices of her father and her Orthodox Jewish community to grow into her own person and do what she wanted, and stand on her own as a mature woman. My final criticism involves Tim. As it was, I had the impression that Tim just "fell" into the collar because there were no other alternatives for him in life.

His home life and therefore, no familial support was less than ideal, so it seemed his choices in life were limited to the people around him who did show him support, like his boyhood parish priest.

Thus, I felt Tim was steered towards the priesthood, rather than had a true calling. Still, I love this novel despite its glib narration and simplistic storytelling. Deborah and Tim have been my OTP for many, many years and I just wish there had been a sequel - even just a novella or prologue.

In the meanwhile, Deborah, Jewish love interest of the Christian boy, is sent to Caught at the cross-roads of choosing between the out-of-bounds, forbidden but all-consuming earthly love for his soul mate and the love for the Father of the Universe, is a young Christian boy, Timothy.

In the meanwhile, Deborah, Jewish love interest of the Christian boy, is sent to exile as penance for her nonconforming ways read, making conversation with a Christian boy, who later hopelessly falls in love with her. So you see, the plot is thick and entangled. Great writing style, passionate love story.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Erich Wolf Segal was an American author, screenwriter, and educator. Books by Erich Segal. Tim was a good person and humble, but he never truly interested me. Published June by Albatros first published Dan Luria — syn powszechnie szanowanego rabina. This is one of the most poorly written book I have read in a long time. Half felt like watching a movie like serendipity!


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