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Vudobar If more than one variable is chosen, carousel toggling of data is used. The standard alarm setting is high. Digital process variable is superimposed on 4—20 mA signal, and available to any host that conforms to the HART protocol. Only for stainless steel housing material code S.

SST cable gland is included in delivery. Antenna selection is application dependent. National Manufacturing Week Not used in pressurized applications. Tri Clamp 4 in. The active part of the rod antenna should be placed under the nozzle G. Internal signal processing capabilities are optimized for measuring solids where irregular surfaces can make accurate level measurements difficult.

The Rosemount flange weight can be estimated by adding the relative weight difference of these SST blind flanges. Expect long lead times for other sizes than the 20 in. Cone antennas with protective plate model code: These Engineered Solutions are part of the expanded offerings and may be subject to additional delivery lead time. Thursday, 30 October, Supplied by: Potential ignition hazards by impact or friction need to be considered according to EN The function can be used to detect abnormal conditions in the process such as antenna contamination or sudden loss of signal strength.

Therefore, when the antenna is used in a potentially explosive atmosphere, appropriate measures must be taken to prevent electrostatic discharge. Not available with , flameproof, or type n approvals. Connect a hose to the purge connection for cleaning.

If required, order an oversized antenna and cut on location H. The Rosemount housing can be rotated in any direction. Emerson Process Management has released a version of its Rosemount series of non-contacting radar level transmitters aimed specifically at demanding bulk rosemonut level measurement applications. Inclining or sloping surfaces deflect energy away from the radar and can generate several small reflections.

The end user shall determine the suitability with rosemounh to avoid hazards from impact rosemoount friction. Special Conditions for Safe Use X: Emerson Process Management is not in a position to evaluate or guarantee the compatibility of the process fluid or other process parameters with the product, options, configuration or materials of construction selected. The user guide for level projects within the power and steam generation industry. Device failure, hardware or software alarm in Low position.

Minimum clearance No clearance distance needed. Radar Parts The display also shows diagnostics and error information. Not available with Modbus signal output code M. Process seal antennas 2P 2 in. Face gasket surface is serrated per mating standard. Rosemount Level Transmitter — Non-Contacting Radar Emerson AU User-friendly graphical interfaces with wizards and suggestions for application-specific configuration help users easily integrate the transmitter into new or existing control systems.

Only with Rosemount The 2-wire technology enables fast installation by taking advantage of existing cabling, while still providing the same high levels of data and diagnostics that would normally require 4-wire connections.

M N Ball-valve installations The Rosemount can be isolated from the process by using a valve: Non-contacting Superior 2-Wire Radar Level Transmitter — Rosemount Level Measurement This video describes how non-contacting radar technology works for level measurement with the superior 2-wire Rosemount Related Articles.


Rosemount 5400 Series Level Transmitter





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