Download File Size: 6. It features a die-cast aluminum frame, five-button LCD display, and a modular design that make it to stand out as one of the best in durability and ease of use. It is perfect for many types of applications which include receiving, shipping, product identification, finished goods storage, assembly and work in process. The print width of Datamax I is 4. It has a modular design that allows the operator to change or add an option at any time. Outdated Drivers?

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Page 1: 1. Page 4 Important Safety Instructions This printer has been carefully designed to provide many years of safe, reliable performance. As with all Page 5: 2. Page 6 4. Page 8: 3. Page 9: 3. Page 3. If damage is evident, immediately notify Page 16 Inspecting the Printer After removing the printer from the packaging material, check the contents. The following items should be included Page 4. Open the media cover and lower the Media Hub The Media Hub Guide should Close the Printhead Assembly and press down until it locks into place.

Close the cover and press the It is recommended that the width of the ribbon be Page 24 4. Route the ribbon up and then Page 25 3. Page 26 16 M-Class Page 27 4. The functions of these lights and Page 31 4. Page POT 4. Page 36 4. Although this Page 38 4. Page 5. Problem Possible Press and hold FEED Page 45 4. This label is used to test the condition of the printhead, as Page 48 38 M-Class Page 5.

Page 50 5. Page 51 5. Page 52 5. Page 53 5. Page 54 5. This is the equivalent of Heat Setting on 10 Page 57 5. The physical presence of the The physical presence of a device must be detected to show the Page 59 5. See Appendix E for details Page 70 5. Prints data and instructions received from the host rather Page 71 5. Ready Mode. Normal operating mode.

The printer Page 74 5. Page 75 5. Page 76 5. Page 77 5. The format can be any of the Page 78 5. Page 6. During the process, the printhead assembly can be raised This sets the parameter for The calibration was successful. The selection will flash The following table outlines the recommended Page 90 6.

Page 91 6. Remove media and ribbon. Place a Datamax Cleaning Card, part Page 92 6. Page 7. Page 94 6. This pressure is factory set Page 95 6. Note: Printheads are fragile; use extreme care when Page 96 6. Page 97 Level One Reset To return the printer to the factory default settings or, if saved, to restore the Factory Setting Page Specifications 7. The following table The printer uses Big Endian. Page If experiencing this problem… Try this solution… Examine the used ribbon for an image: If there is an image If a problem Fault or a Consistently high sensor Press any key to continue Consistently low sensor Press any key to continue The printer could not find the If media Page Warning Messages: Warning Messages are displayed for a period of five seconds.

If multiple warnings are detected, the display will Page Mechanical Width 9. Media Width 4. Media Width. Page Optional Internal Ethernet Printer Server Embedded Fonts and Barcodes All character fonts and barcodes available with the printer are described in this section.

Each font Page The table below lists the font sizes. The numbers indicate the number of dots. Page Font 4 character Font 5 character alphanumeric, uppercase. Font 6 character alphanumeric, uppercase.

Font 9 Internal Triumvirate font. Point sizes are selected by Page Barcodes Bar Code fonts have alpha names left column in the table below.

Uppercase alpha names will print barcodes with Ethernet Connection Press the button to move to the


Drivers >>> Datamax-O'Neil M-4206 Mark II driver

Features Durable and advanced thermal printer Datamax is hovered to revolutionize again the thermal printing industry with their M-Class printer line. It offers the users advanced durable technological thermal printer with a compact design. It is the ideal industrial printer for the customers who are price-conscious. Longevity This thermal printer is made of a uni-frame, chassis of die-cast aluminium which helps to increases the longevity of the printer through a high a performance output lifetime.


Impressora de Etiquetas Datamax M4206

Precision die-cast aluminum frame designed for durability and flexible configuration Light weight design allows for low total cost of ownership. Supplies loading diagram embossed into the frame Makes loading intuitive. No diagram of the paper path to lose. Unique collapsible ribbon hub Designed for simple loading and unloading of ribbons. No cores to lose, time to load and unload ribbon reduced. Provide a wide range of user configurability and device status indications.


Datamax M-Class Mark II M-4206 - label printer - monochrome - direct thermal Series Specs



Impressora Datamax M-4206


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