Marturisesc ca nu il citisem pana acum si nici nu stiam foarte multe despre el, dar toate conversatiile in care l-am auzit vreodata mentionat imi lasasera impresia ca este…special, fara a stii exact de ce. Boris Vian e un amalgam, si personal si ca scriitor. Pentru cei ce nu l-au citit l-as putea asemana pe alocuri cu Eugen Ionescu, insa fara aceeasi fluiditate a lui Ionescu, in locul careia gasim pragmatism si, mai intotdeauna, un stil sarcastic si, mai ales, macabru. Privite individual, povestirile lui Vian par a fi mici comedii negre, insa, private in ansamblu, diseca paradoxurile vietii si conditiei umane. In mod evident, Vian este influentat de evenimentele globale din acele vremuri precum cel de-al doilea Razboi Mondial , dar si de conditia sa fizica bolnavicioasa, astfel incat, in fiecare povestire se simte prezenta mortii, asteptand, parca nu sa te prinda cand ai facut un pas gresit, ci tocmai cand respiri usurat gandindu-te ca nu a sosit inca acel moment neasteptat.

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So, I bought this compilation of short stories a number of years ago and just got around to it now. It all seems so aimless". For me, though, exposing myself to writing like this serves as a periodic reminder that the skill, art and craft of writing encompasses so much more than the codified, marketable and acceptable forms. You can do anything with words on paper, depending on the order you put them in and the culture you inhabit. The surrealists were interested in capturing internal moods, unconscious processes and the secret ways we create our world through hidden drives and external cultural pressures.

Some darker tones often creep through, complimenting and underscoring the breezy approach with some real weight and cruel satire. This is unbounded writing which also implies that it is, by definition, not for everyone. Teasing meaning from these tales is difficult and, in most cases, seems besides the point although they do seem to be symbolic wrestlings with modern anxieties, frustrations and the stupidities of culture and bureaucracy.

It is a story peopled by bizarre caricatures who might have some greater symbolic meaning or perhaps not - when two drunk Americans vomit in the pattern of the stars and stripes, one assumes something more is going on.

Finally, the book concludes with "One Way Street", a slightly longer piece notable for mentioning some characters from earlier stories Peter Gna from "Blues For A Black Cat" and, yet again, "the Major" and featuring the dangers of calling your friend away from his work to attend a dinner party.

This is quite an entertaining volume and it should be sought out by all lovers of odd, dark-humored or just plain inventive writing.


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