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Download Step 3: The answers to all the questions we have about this begin on page Scrolling down to All of these are shown on page 57 and Above is the Data Direction Register for port B. In the top row, you have the bit numbers. These are basically location designations. Binary is read from right to left, hence the backwards numbering. There are 8 bits in this register, from 0 to 7. The second row, is the name of the ports in the register. They do not do anything. By the end, these are the names you will use when referencing the various bits in a register.

The third tells you if you can read the bit, write the bit, both, or neither. Bit 6 and 7 do not have a port name, do not do anything, and therefore cannot be written to.

All other bits can be read from and written to. The fourth row tells you what each bit initializes to. In this case, they are all 0s. There are a total of 6 usable bits, going from 5 to 0, or 0 to 5. Either is acceptable. Shown on the bottom of page 50, it states that a 0 for anyone of these writes the port and therefore its corresponding pin as an input. A 1 writes the port as an output. So this is the first thing we want to do in replacing a digitalWrite command, by replacing the pinMode command.

Before showing you what the actual coding looks like, we will skip to the next register to continue with understanding what to do. Add Tip.


ATtiny microcontroller comparison chart



ATTiny Port Manipulation (Part 1): PinMode() and DigitalWrite()


BS EN 1672-2 PDF


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